We endeaovor to fulfill our Lord's requirement to "Be Our Brother's Keeper". We see great need across Africa and we want to do something tangible about it instead of just wishing you better, or just praying a meaningless Prayer that seems to never be filled. The reason that you are suffering is because the House of God has totally neglected its duty to you. They only exist to fill their own bellies at your expense. I, on the other hand believe that God's love is manifest when we reach out to hurting people as his "hands" of friendship. This is the true way to win the lost. Preaching a "Gospel" of gimme, gimee is wicked and immoral. Please take my hand of friendship today. There is no cost attached, except the monthly subscription fee. The reason that I have that reqirement, is to redirect people's habits. Away from Facebook and direct them to this website, where you will find the very words of life that will sustain you. You pay now for entertainment and think nothing of it. Now, you must give something for the words that will set you free and restore all that you ever lost. A good bargain in anyone's mind. By subscribing to my site, you will find that life that you have always sought after with "entertainment". That is True Fulfillment.


Bishop Robert (Mishael) Crandall

Emergency Grant Application

Project Name

We are making as many grants available for $5,000 USD each. The purpose of this grant is for churches that have been forced to lockdown through no fault of their own. The problems of the housing and food crisis is something that the Church should be involved in. To make sure these needs are met, for everyone within their community.

EVERY Church that applies and meets all of the requirements will receive a grant. This fund is available only to Pastors, Group Leaders of Civic Organizations and Executive Directors of NGO's.

No funds are available to individulas. Individuals must find a Pastor, or Leader that can apply on your behalf. Pastors and Leaders must share the grant with all those within your community, who need assistance with rent of food.

This fund is not available to any Government, or Government Sponsored Organizations.

These funds should be used for Food and Shelter ONLY. Medical costs are not authorized, unless it is a life-saving measure to preserve life. Other sickness or disease is not covered.

The official release date for the Grant Money will be Midnight on July 12th , 2021 ADT. All funds will be Direct Deposited, Electronically, into a Debit or Bank Account. WE have made arrangements to use your Mobile Money Account if necessary. As a very last resort we will send out money via Western Union, or RIA. But only after every other method has been exhausted.

If the church does not have an account, then partner with a Church or Organization that does have one and have the Pastor or Leader apply for you. Pastors, or Leaders can apply for up to 10 additional Churches with their own application. The sum total wil be deposited into their account for distribution. Those agreements are between you and the Host Pastor/Leader. All fields on the attached form must be completed in their entirety. If you do not know what to do enter an "N/A." Failure to complete EVERY requirement will stop your ability to complete you application  and to get funding.

Please do not contact Bishop Mishael, as he must devote his time to Teaching and Counseling Pastors and to Church Administration. He is very busy.

We welcome you with open arms into our fold. May God richly bless you, from the Staff of Godfire Worldwide Ministries.

We are Sorry, but the Emergency Grant Program has Ended. Check back Later to See if we have Started another Program. Thank You to All Who Applied by the deadline. Payments will go out at Midnight tonight, July 12th, 2021 Alaska Time . An Email will be sent with a link to PayPal for Distribution of the Funds.