You Prophets Prophesy Lies:

All of you prophets who prophesy lies. I am against you says the Lord of Hosts. Sudden destruction shall come upon you, and I will remove you from out of the land. For you prophesied money, marriages, jobs, houses and cars. You have lied to my people says God. For a dearth shall I send upon the land and all who chases after the carnal things, will I now pronounce my judgment against you. For you left my side to search for treasures of this world and in so doing you have sold your birthright for a mere pittance.

Jacob, have I loved, but Esau have I hated. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of porridge. If you sell your life with God for a carnal pleasure, you are done with him. He will not allow you to come back. He HATES anyone who does so. Fame, fortune, recognition, or anything else besides God. I am not talking about committing a sin. I am talking about when you willfully turn away from him once you have known him. To choose anyone other than him is to take the Mark of the Beast system in your knowledge or understanding, or you work for the head for money. (hand) Once you do that you cannot ever be redeemed again. If you have tasted of the heavenly gift (the Holy Spirit) and turn away again, there remains no further sacrifice for sin.

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