You know all this BLM and Antifa GARBAGE. The "Woke" left and all of it are severely in the minority. Yet the rest of us are allowing these lunatics to ravage our lives and try and convince us that we are inherently evil. We are all sinners before God and all need Salvation. But America certainly is NOT a racist country and we have a legitimate history. Our Forefathers were the hero's and only adhered to societal norms in the time of which they lived. Things that were acceptable then are not anymore. We have evolved as human beings and rightly so. The left activists want you to give them everything that they are too lazy to work for. That is all it is!! Because in America today, if you honor God first, work hard and never quit, anyone can be successful. Those who claim they are disadvantaged are just lazy. Federal law prohibits discrimination of any kind and most of us are law abiding citizens. At least until these corrupt politicians revealed themselves. They want to do away with law and order to engender tyranny on every level unless you are a part of their Elites. We who are the majority in this country need to STOP feeling guilty for something that does not exist and tell these woke monsters to take their critical race theory to someone else who cares. Like out in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean perhaps. We are the people of the United States of America. We are proud of our heritage. We believe in the Republic that is free and equal for all. The rest of these people are the lunatics. But they use their lackey Main Stream Media to lie to us every single day telling us that we are the problem. We are NOT the problem, the :Woke" Left is certainly the problem. And if we do not stand up to their lies and subterfuge they will destroy our country and our heritage and our future. They are liars and pure evil and they will be destroyed by the coming of the Lord!!!

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