Who is Judah?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

For all lighter complexion Blacks with a reddish tint to their skin, you are Judah. This is what defines you as Judah. I am mainly concerned with Judah in Africa, although you have been scattered to the 4 corners of the earth because of your rebellion and idolatry. Now Adonai is calling you back to himself to be his chosen ones again and he is using me to do that. I told all of you a couple of weeks ago, that I needed offerings to facilitate my travel to Nigeria. I said that all of my friends need to join together and bring me there right away. If everyone did just a little, then the need would be met. And here is why you should do this immediately. Because the door to your blessings is closed until I get there. It is closed for me as well. Yehovah will not allow me to come of my own volition. He will not allow me to pay my own way. That is why my finances are barren as well as yours. WE are tied together by his Spirit and nothing can happen unless we all do our part. So, by your refusal to honor my words, you are causing your own demise and prolonging the suffering. I did not realize this was the reason until just starting last night. I did not work this all out. I did not scheme how I might gain offerings. It was Yehovah himself who spoke this into being and he will not relent until he is obeyed. The owner of the jet has agreed to carry me if I just pay the landing fee here in Alaska which is $5,000. He is due to land on December 11th. But I will also need lodging, food and transportation for myself and my wife. By the word of Adonai, you need to send an offering right now and see how he will bless you if you do. Because I walk in his fullness, everyone who gives can experience a 100 fold return in due season. The maximum before now as 60 fold but most was 30 fold. The longer you delay will only prolong your lack of support. I know most of you do not have any money. But that is why it is called a "Sacrificial Offering." Find it somewhere and sow it into the Kingdom and watch miracles unfold in your life. This is Jehovah's law of sowing with a joyful heart and reaping.

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