Who Are You??

You are correct about whites. But you have to make a differentiation between whites. Because just like their are two Blacks, there are also two Whites. The Blacks are either Negro, or descendants of Royal Judah. The Whites are Caucasian and Anglo-Saxon. The Caucasian are the ones who have committed all the heinous crimes against both God and man. But Anglo-Saxon comes from Europe and came to America as the Pilgrims. The Anglo-Saxon has always loved God as our Father was Ismael born of Hagar, the bond woman, but still under the covenant of Father Abraham. WE have never owned slaves or condoned those who did.

We comprised the Northern Sates during the Civil War. The Southern Sates had emigres from The Caucasians who come from the Steppes of Russia. They were both the slave transporters with their ships and the the slave owners, world-wide. All Blacks in America today, are direct Descendants of Judah. But in Africa they are spread out over Central Africa and have forgotten who they are. And most every Black in America today has no clue that they are actually Royalty. Descended from King David and Solomon. But take heart. I am being sent to gather Judah and restore her to the Promise Land. And at the same time to destroy the anti-Christ spirit of the Cabal, the Global Elites and the Democrats who are the Caucasians.

And I am going to restore all that they have ever stolen from you, with 2,000 years worth of interest.

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