What Makes You Get up in the Morning??

You know, I live my life by a different set of rules than most people. You see for the last 36 years I have been seeking after God and studying his ways. Everything I believe and everything I live up to is based upon God's law and his desire for his creation. The world has its own set of standards and are increasingly becoming very arbitrary and based upon how you personally feel at the moment. But me, I live by a set standard that never changes because God cannot ever change. His word is everlasting and you can count on his word for anything you might face in this life. It has worked for me for many, many years. Even though many of our laws were based upon God's laws, not all of them made the cut to align with his will and any time that our laws vary from his law, we must obey him before man. Lying is one that is subtle but needs to be understood. People will say that if you press an untruth that you are a liar. But that is not what the Bible says a liar is. According to scripture if you know the truth and deny it instead, you have become a liar. Not in telling an untruth but in denying the truth. And the truth is of course what God says it is in his word!! I watched someone just the other day violate my trust in order to "Tell the Truth". Which is worse, saying something that is untrue or breaking a confidence in order to elevate one's standing before men. What was the purpose of what was said. Was it for my good or was it for my harm?? The word of God is sharper than a two edged sword. Able to cut asunder between the Spirit and the flesh. Able to judge righteously and without bias of any kind. If we are following God's ways then we will always choose God's path and not that of self fulfillment. Many claim to know Christ, yet they will save their own flesh in order to appear superior to everyone else. This is NOT the way of Christ and because of this many today are self deceived and are NOT on the true narrow path. Just because you think you are saved does not make it so. because God judges the intent and purpose of a man's heart. He sees the real you and he knows when you are playing games with him. The moral of this story is let us get real, right now with our creator. Let us keep the faith no matter the cost and NEVER compromise no matter what. In our own flesh this is an impossible task. But if we ask for the help of the Holy Spirit, he will help us to die to our own desires that we may live. And move and have our being in him.

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