What Do You Worship??

As a Minister of the Gospel, as a Prophet of Most High God and as your Bishop unto all Africa, India and Pakistan. I need your support and prayers for my success here at home. In so doing I will be able to bring millions of dollars towards projects in Africa and around the world for affordable housing, farming and self sufficiency projects. Clean drinking water and quality Healthcare for the masses. This has always been my dream and my motivation as my purpose in life. But God has really opened my eyes to how this is all going to work. I have been contacted by 100s of Pastors about supporting them financially and I do understand how desperate the need has been. But God showed me explicitly the reason you do suffer and have lack is because you have received and believed a lie and worse have perpetrated that lie in lieu of the word of God. Everyone has wanted me to come at my own expense and it is due to that lie. The lie says that I have nothing therefore I cannot support you (Man of God) That is an out and out lie. And you use it to try and trick people into helping you from their own pocket. But answer me this??? Where in this world have you ever seen that you can get something for nothing??

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