Something that God has been showing me for months now if not the last couple of years, is that no man is an island. People all want to make a name for themselves and make money for themselves. But in Christ we should have a different focus. Immanuel always sought out the greater good. People came and went but he never lost focus on the truth. Greatness is found in the corporate gathering of souls. I realized months ago that I have great revelation knowledge, but I do not have it all!! God gives every man according to his faith a MEASURE of revelation knowledge. So, if anyone wants to see what the BIG picture is, we must come together as one man and seek the common good. Preachers today have gotten into this mantra of separating themselves from others. They use the logic that they must protect their flock. But in actuality most times this is just fear. Pure and simple. And vanity. They want to be the ONLY one that their people will come to and listen to. And when they do allow someone to come, they must fit exactly into their vision of how God operates, or be approved by their denomination. The problem with this is it is not Spiritual Leadership!! If you and I are of the same Spirit, our spirits will bear witness one with another. But because most preachers do not operate in God's Spirit and only in their own flesh and knowledge, they could not even begin to operate that way!! It is a tragedy and something that I need to deal with from a very high level. If you and I do not join our revelations together, we cannot ever see the FULL will of God!!!! Because he will NEVER reveal everything to a single person. I don't care how anointed you are and this is a fact of life. If you are keeping legitimate men of God out of your church because you are afraid that they will steal your people then you are the one with the problem!!!! You need to learn to listen to God's Spirit and move in his flow, not your own. I really wish that this was not a problem, but it is too real today. Today is the day where God is raising up absolute unknowns that he has been tempering for decades to be his leaders in this world. They will not be the hero's of old because this is a new day and it is the LAST day of creation. In this day God rests. And the reason he rests is because he has a "MAN" (corporate man) who is mature and a full legal age to be a full partner in his Kingdom. Don't dig your heals in and resist him because he is determined to do this his way in this day. In times past he has winked at our ignorance, but not now!! He is commanding us to repent and return to him and his perfect will. It is time for us Christians to come unto perfection and if your Pastor tells you that is impossible, you need to find a new church!! Not only is it possible, it is mandatory!! Stop standing around thinking you are going to fly off into the air at any minute. We have not even completed our destiny yet. How could we possibly go anywhere. Also here is a nugget... Immanuel will not return when God gets his fill of sin and all of a sudden decides to end it all in judgement. No, it will end at the appointed time. The time that was pre-ordained by him to be the day. No man knows when that day or hour will be, but he never said we could not know the month or the year!! But know this... It will NOT be before we have fulfilled our destiny. So, forget about the when and how and get busy doing the work of the Lord. Forsake not his ways but press in and go on unto perfection in Christ.

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