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Now, if you knew what was in store you would not rail against me. I have had in my heart to help all the peoples of Africa for years now. But God took me on a really peculiar road to get where I am today. He absolutely refused to allow me to follow my heart. And it bothered me really bad. Last year when I was in Ghana for two months, I got so sick I thought I was going to die. I had a really bad infection that was undiagnosed. And on many levels, I felt like my trip was an abject failure. But the moment I came home, God revived me and gave me a new vision. I was flying in his Spirit for weeks. It was during this time that he woke me up of things that he had told me 30 years ago which I had forgotten. Now, the God of heaven is sending me back to Africa. But not to bring physical provisions because that was never my purpose no matter how much I wanted that. No, I am coming to restore Africa to an Eden state. Where all men shall have the resources that were stolen by both the Europeans and the corrupt Government officials. Where all men could live at peace and have safety. All men can have their own houses, lands and cars and that with NO DEBT!!! And a man who dies at 100 years old shall be considered an infant. And I will break the hand of the oppressor, bind the strongman who steals from you and loose the blessing unto the children of God. No one believes today that this was the plan of God from the beginning. But it is and I am a witness to the truth. People need to get this fantasy in their heads about a rapture and going to heaven out and finally see the truth and walk in it.

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