Receive Your Healing:

In my name you are healed. I bore the stripes and the savagery for the soldiers. I could not believe how cruel they could be. I had done nothing wrong yet they put me on the cross and they drove the nails into my hands and my feet and they mocked me, "Hail to the King, comedown from there if you are the Son of God. And I suffered for a while and then I gave up the ghost willingly for you. I gave my life for yours. Then I arose from the grave and conquered death once and for all and if you will receive it right now I will revive you. Let not sorrow rule your heart for I have come to bring you my peace that peace which passes all understanding. peace, my peace I give to you my child. Be free and know that I am God and that I know exactly who you are. I knew you in the womb even before you were born and I named you. I gave you life to live for me. Put away all your old ways and seek me out and I shall be found to you my child. Have courage and do not fear for I am with you always.

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