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I haven't written in a while. I've been kind of busy. But I suspect this post is going to get me into hot water with fakebook. They seem to feel that they have the right to determine what is acceptable speech and what is not. It would not be so bad, but dark stuff very satanic is OK with hem. Stuff about pedophiles is ok. but anything that is truth except for what they deem as truth is cancelled as hate speech. Who made them the police of communications?? The moment they started selecting what amounted to hate speech and what did not, they violated their 302 provisions and therefore they should be revoked and they should become subject to the same laws as the rest of us. But that's not even what this post is about!! Day by day, I have been coming to the conclusion that everything the media is serving us for news is a lie!! I now believe unequivocally that Joe Biden is NOT our President and further that he is either in Gitmo as a traitor, or is already dead. The one who is trying to fool the whole world is someone who is wearing a "Mission Impossible" type of mask and acting like a fake President. They are not doing this from the White House, but from Castle Rock Studios where they filmed the movie "Independence Day!" It is all a movie and the goal is to confuse the American People. In reality Trump won in a landslide election that garnered him almost 100 million votes to Joey's 40 million. Trump won every state but NY. All of Joey's Executive Orders were all signed on blank pieces of paper made to look authentic. The ONLY power that his whole administration has is the power of suggestion. Whoever he can bluff into obeying him and his cronies. He is not living in the White House and Kamala Harris is not living in the Vice-President's mansion. Pictures of a parking lot right outside the window of the Oval Office and gaps in the "Walls" of the Oval Office prove that it is actually a sound stage. No dignitaries of any country has come to Pennsylvania Avenue to meet Joey there and his Plane is not the same Air Force One that President Trump flew on. All of these things are easily verifiable but most refuse to even look. I do not know what has happened to the curious spirit of people who always wanted to know the truth. Now will settle for whatever the nightly news says is true even though deep down they know it is a lie!!! And will instead bury their head in their phone and let the "Experts" figure out the rest. Another thing. Covid was the greatest hoax in the history of the world. far outstripping the Trojan Horse of mythical times. All they did was to assign the normal deaths from the flu and other things like heart attacks, strokes and accidents as Covid. Several top labs have come to the conclusion that no one from the CDC to anyone else can provide the complete gene sequence of Covid 19. It does not exist. This information is out there if you really want to know. Look it up, you will see!!! They made the whole thing up in order to frighten us into giving up our personal liberties and we were willing participants!! All this mask wearing and Social Distancing is pure evil. Designed to teach us how to be obedient to losing our freedoms and not complaining about it. As God as my witness I am telling the truth. Now, what can we do about all this?? Number one: Find the truth at any cost!! Only the truth shall set us free. 2. Stop watching the nightly news. All they are doing is lying to us. They are controlled completely by the CCP, or the Chinese Communist Party. What they feed you every night is by design to make you afraid of fighting back. To believe the BIG LIE!! Trump is not the Big Lie. They are!!! Everything they tell you is pre-designed to bring you into fear and gnashing of teeth. Outside of Christ, that is exactly what you will get. They are NOT our friends or even on our side. They are our enemies in that they have colluded against us with out enemies to try and destroy our nation. 3. People need to tell the Gestapo Government to go to Hell and go back to work. We have the sovereign rights as free men and women to pursue our dreams according to the Constitution of these United States. And not the fake ones that the democrats espouse, but the true ones fought and died for by the Patriots of this great nation. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness!!! Don't ever forget that!!! 4. Come back together as families and communities and hug each other and stop being afraid of a touch. Stop getting this fake test for this fake disease. I cannot prove it but I have seen strong evidence that all there tests do is to give you a false reading on purpose. To perpetuate the lie!! All the Covid vaccine will do is to make you 100 times more susceptible to a host of autoimmune diseases in time. That is all it was designed to do. It does not make you immune to covid and it does not stop the transmission of disease. It has no other function than to put these really bad substances in your body that will not produce any antibodies but only make you susceptible to a host of diseases. President Trump was not a part of this hoax. he was lied to as well. His inner circle was not loyalists but were instead "Deep Staters" and I think he figured this out right before he left Washington. It is one of the greatest lies of all time. Designed to make the 1% elites more richer than ever before at our expense. That is what Bill Gates is exclusively about. he is a parasite pure and simple. He has already been run out of both India and Africa because of all the death and destruction his vaccines have already done. Mostly to the innocent children. Now he wants to stop the sun from shining, supposedly to slow global warming. Another SHAM from the liberal elites. It is all about control. Our loss of control and the establishment and maintenance of their absolute control over us. Their is NO SUCH THING as our causing global warming. They say 97% of scientists agree. But truth is that almost none even agree on anything. Everyone who has used this to their advantage have greatly twisted the truth to make it say whatever point they want to make. Fact is that without fossil fuels we might as well go back to living in caves. Fossil fuels do not add to global warming. Man has no impact on our environment. the only reason the elites say this is they want all the resources for themselves and if they make us evil enough, they can plot our demise under the guise of a fake agenda and they hope... get away with it. People of the Keystone Project. Go back to work and tell this fake Biden to stuff it. Builders of the wall at the Southern Border. Keep on trucking. There is not a thing in this world (fake) Biden can do about it. Especially if we all call him the cheater that he is and refuse to give him any recognition. We do not need to take up arms against each other. All we have to do is make up our minds and act accordingly. Refuse to be lied to anymore. Let's bring back our true President and get back to work rebuilding our nation before God and man. Let's live righteous lives in the power of the Holy Spirit and only believe truth and demand justice. Our mind is where this battle will be fought and either won or lost. God have mercy on these United States of America. I Robert as a watchman on the wall cry out... make ye straight paths before the Lord. hew down the high places and al idolatry and serve only the one true God. Amen.

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