Covid IS:

You are right, Covid is not. But it was created by Dr. (and I use that term VERY loosely) Fauci, in his lab in Wuhan, for an express purpose. Covid, was just an excuse. They created their "Vaccine" before they made Covid. It's purpose was not to stop Covid. No, its purpose was and is, to enslave mankind!! Their patents say that they created a gene splicing technology call Luciferian, using CRISPR to invade our DNA with micron sized robots. That is why a magnet will stick to an arm that has been vaccinated. They are little nanobots. And they are designed to listen for and respond to an AI Quantum Computer. The push for 5G is the communications link between the two. This "Vaccine" uses aborted fetal tissue to "Transport" the bots using MRNA which is the programming language of of our DNA. Our DNA is the structure which tells our cells we are human and gives us life. Once they have control of this programming within our bodies, they can absolutely control the people of the world. Sounds all eerie and stuff, but if you read their own documents that is exactly what they are trying to do with this whole scam. So, no Covid is NOT some end time apocalyptical thing, but their Fake "Vaccine" certainly is.

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