To Every Orphanage:

To: Every Orphanage Pastor:: Your children are in need!! I understand your predicament is severe. However, I know why this is happening and I can help you circumvent its effects. Send me an offering. Right now today. I am not trying to be funny. But God has revealed to me by Divine Revelation that the reason why you are starving is because you are not honoring him FIRST!!! It goes against logic to send money when you don't have enough to go around. But this is what he requires. If you will obey me, the power of poverty and starvation will be broken and there will be plenty. I promise you this is true. Go to my website. Click on "Donations" Send whatever you can and remember that if you scatter seed, you will reap a much more abundant harvest. The more seed you sow, the greater the harvest will be.

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