The Truth About Covid-19:

These facts are known to anyone who has a shred of common sense. They did increase the effectiveness of covid for easier transmission and that Covid is an actual disease. Then these things happened. Covid-19, which was created in Fauci's lab in 2019 and was a new variant, claimed the same exact population center that the flu would have. That is why the symptoms of people who get it are so severe, due to genetic modifications. but yes, basically the death rate remained the exact same from the previous years. There NEVER was a global Pandemic. They just made it up and with the help of the media. They put the fear of Covid into everyone's head. But why did they do that? There are a lot of reasons, but at its core is the fact, that they wanted absolute control over the population and that, they wanted to get rid of all the Seniors who did not have the means to function anymore in their society because of old age, or sickness. And this whole plan was made long ago. Covid-19 was developed in Fauci's lab in Wuhan China, using NIIAH's money in the form of a grant. Fauci would have done the research here at his lab on the Army base, but Obama got scared of the possible effects of doing such research and banned it on US soil. One of the little that he did to benefit Americans. So, he shipped it all to China and paid for its development. That is why Dr. Fauci, who loves to portray himself as some kind of savior, is actually one of the greatest mass murderers in all of human history. But he, along with Bill Gates and Jeffery Epstein had created this fake vaccine back in 2015. Its express purpose was to provide a tool that could be used to enslave the human race and make us a hybrid human that is a mixture of biology and technology. Nan-bots are integrated with the serum of this "Vaccine". They are able to be manipulated by a Quantum AI Super Computer and they plan to use 5G technology to communicate with it. That is why they came up with the Internet of things. It was not so your life could be more convenient. They lied as usual. But they couldn't just tell you what they were doing so they came up with a ruse to get your co-operation with their plan. And it worked perfectly. But be assured. The physical manifestation of the Beast and his "Mark", is the Covid "Vaccine." But that is not the Spiritual "Mark of the Beast". There is only one things that will permanently DAMN your soul for all eternity and that is rebellion. When Jesus comes to you, you tell him NO!!! But you must also know the truth first. If you know that and have tasted of the heavenly gift and then turn there remains no further remediation for sin. Ever!!! It is exactly what John the Revelator saw when he wrote Revelation. Fully, one half of anyone who takes it will die a horrible death. If you take the "Vaccine" and then want to come to Christ, you will need to be healed by one of the 144,000. Or you can depend upon natural selection. Me personally, If I took it because I was deceived, or because I didn't know any better, I would seek out a healer to deliver me, rather than wait on Natural Selection. "The survival of the fittest." The reason is because, God will not allow their plan to succeed this time. "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man." In Noah's day, the Watchers came to earth and married human women of their choice. This "Union of Humans and Angels was so horrendous to God, that he had to wipe the slate clean and start over again. We are faced with the same thing right now. Trans-humanism. God made us the way he wanted us and then he called it good and blessed the earth. But we screwed it up. This time he is not going to destroy the earth, he is going to destroy the ones who made this all possible and the ones who follow after them willingly. But here is a secret that I know, and very few others do. Its not going to work. Every experiment that they have ever did along these lines. Every single test subject has died within 3 years. They know this, but they did it anyway. I believe that their latest research has gotten the death rate down to about 50/50 either way, like Russian Roulette. If they get 75% of the earth's population to take the "Vaccine" and if Half of them die along with the ones who do not, the net result will be that 3.5 billion people die and 3.5 billion live. That is what they are aiming at for "Heard" Immunity. Their goal is primarily subjection, but also to remove about 50% of the world's population and the rest to be controlled by them. This so that they can (The Elites and architects of this sick and perverse plan) live as Kings and have everyone else to produce goods and services for them foremost and first. The only ones that will survive are the 50% who do not take the "Vaccine". But the only ones who won't take it will never serve anyone because we all believe in and most serve, only God. The Bible says that "One will be taken and the other left." The taken are all the ones who take this "Vaccine" and the left are the ones who do not. 50% of the entire population of the world on either side. I know all this sounds really crazy and a bit scary. But it is true and we don't have to worry if we do not take the "Vaccine". Because God is going to take care of his own. I know that Preachers have told us our whole lives that we don't have to worry about such things because we will be raptured out before it all hits the fan. But that was a lie!!! There is not a single place in the Bible where God takes his people out of anything. He always causes them to go through circumstances and come out the victor on the other side. Moses and the Red Sea is a prime example. Then they tell you that if you follow them, that you will go to heaven when you die. Again, another LIE!! No one is going to heaven. Heaven is coming here. "The New Jerusalem comes down from heaven to the earth." "I and my Father, will come down to earth and abide with you forever." And lie number three: Jesus is coming back physically to save mankind. "It is necessary for you that I go away. For if I do, I will send the Holy Ghost. And you shall be endued with power from on high and you shall be my witnesses unto Judea, Samaria, and unto the utter most parts of the earth." We receive Jesus into our hearts. And once there he never leaves, ever!!! He will administer his Kingdom from on high and he shall rule the earth for 1,000 years through his Kings and Priests, the 144,000 chosen vessels of Spiritual Israel. "I have come that you might have life. And that life more abundantly." Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."

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