The Trumpet

You know, the Federal Government tried to pass “The Income Tax” by submitting the 13th amendment to the Constitution. Only problem was that it was NEVER ratified because not enough states signed off on it. So, what did the Government do?? They hired agents, gave them badges and guns. Then sent them out to collect income taxes from American citizens. They have been doing this illegally since 1913 in this country.

The problem with an Income Tax is that it is not equal for all concerned. A flat tax is legal because everyone pays the same amount. But when a tax is based upon a person’s income, everyone makes a different amount and therefore the taxes are different for everyone. Then on top of that, to make a “tax table” of rates that are different depending upon how much revenue you take in is a completely illegal scheme for a Constitutional Republic. A strict Democracy could get away with that, but America is NOT a true Democracy where the majority rules, whether good or bad. The ONLY reason they get away with this is because WE LET THEM DO IT!!! Ignorance is NOT bliss here. It is better that you know!!!

1913 was also the same year that you became "chattel" and the property of the King of England. This occurred when you were registered with your Birth Certificate. Fortunately, the debt was satisfied last year, and we are no longer beholden to England. The Corporation of the United States is bankrupt and no more. WE are now a FREE Constitutional Republic once again for the first time since 1864. That is why the Democrats are trying so hard to destroy everything around us. They know all about this, but they do not want you to know! This, so that they can continue their roles of graft, corruption and all their backroom deals in Government. God save America!!! Which is exactly what he has promised to do.

At 3 am one night recently. I saw the God of Heaven, as I was crying out before him. Travailing with tears and with pain. Interceding before him on behalf of the country that I love. After a time of intercession, The Lord spoke to me and said. “I have heard your prayers and so, I make this decree”. “America shall survive!!!” At that moment, all heaven began to bustle with movement as all those in attendance began to move in preparation to provide action towards the decree which had just been declared. I realized what had just happened because I was wide awake at the time. And I had an assurance within my heart, that the God of Heaven, Lord of Heaven and earth. Had just given me an assurance that all would be well in the future. Such solace was very comforting in the light of today’s massive issues within this country.

I am therefore the witness and do testify this is true.

Robert (Mishael) Crandall

May 30, 2021

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