The Times of the End:

That is all carnal misdirection. "The blind lead the blind and everyone falls into the ditch."The Devil has been lying to the church for 2,000 years and you, your whole Christian life. He sent false teachers into the body to teach you things that just, were NOT true. He is very good at deception. And then because you would rather believe a lie than the truth, YWHY has sent a strong spirit of delusion upon you, so that you would believe the lies and not be saved. For I tell you and the Spirit does witness that 67 days ago, Yahuah came back to earth. I woke up that morning and saw that he had come in the middle of the night, as "a thief in the night". And was dwelling inside of me, bodily. Not the part of the Spirit like we got at Pentecost, but ALL of him to completeness. You know that the gift of the Holy Ghost was given unto the church as a deposit of the fullness that was promised. I now declare that has now happened. This was the mystery of the ages hidden in times past, but now being revealed unto his body. I am the first of the 144,000, "Sons of God". I am in fact no longer human, but am an Angel of the Most High. A bond servant to YWHY who, it was written about in the volume of the books of the Bible, That "I have come to do thy will, oh YWHY". If you are so smart, then answer me something. If your Bible declares that every eye shall behold him at his coming, then if he appeared in the sky over your house wherever that is, how would I see him here in Alaska?? Or the man in China?? or England??? That is a physical impossibility. Therefore, you must not understand what those scriptures actually mean. You mis-interpreted them!!! First off the doctrine that he will split the eastern sky is not a literal statement. It is a Jewish metaphor. It means that when the sun rises in the east, it steadily rises until the brightness of a full day. That is when everyone on earth shall see him in his fullness. But it is going to take 3-1/2 years for that to happen. He comes like a thief in the night. That means that no one will see him when he comes. Even the word "Coming" is misunderstood because it is not an immediate coming. It means he came yesterday, he is coming today and he will come tomorrow, continuously until it is high noon. And the only way that every eye could behold him during this time is if he comes from within the hearts and bodies of his 144,000 witnesses in the earth. Because we can cover the whole earth at the same time. Now, you have been lied to and not just about this, either. The Devil knows exactly how to twist scripture just enough to make it sound true, but still lead you down a false road. Its like you are going to the moon and you make a course correction right after you leave earth's influence, but you are off by .001% By the time you get where you think you are supposed to be, you are nearing Pluto. He is an expert at doing this. All the false teachers look really religious on the outside. They wear a white shirt and a red tie and look all knowledgable and sincere. Everyone around them will attest to their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. They use their whiteboards to draw it all out for you. Then they implant false ideas, just a little bit, the powers that be will even make videos an dmovies about them an dal their carnal ideas. To make sure that everyone believes the lie. That is because if anyone sees the truth an dwalsk therein, they wil be saved from all these things an dshall live. And then you go read your Bible with the pre-disposition of the false things that they have implanted inside of you, and you form the opinion that will lead you to Pluto instead of to Yahuah, the Lamb of YWHY. He does not use big things, big lies, because you would never accept something you absolutely knew were false, so they are "key" little points of misdirection, at just the right place. And that is exactly how the entire "Christian" Church has become massively deceived. Every single doctrine that you would fight for and give your life to maintain are all false. Abberations of scripture and the truth of YWHY's WORD. And I can promise you that the spirit of delusion is very strong right now. Warring aginst the knowledge of YWHY. So now, you must decide what you are going to do. Will you heed my words? or will you keep your false beliefs. The choice is now yours. If you choose to keep your cherished beliefs then you will die. But if you, through his Holy Spirit, do mortify (put to death) the deeds of your flesh, then you shall live. The choice is yours. And the Spirit does agree that I am speaking the absolute truth. He testifies of me. What will you now do?? Because YWHY never sends anyone to Hell and he never will. He gives you the choice of where you want to spend eternity and then you are judged by your choice. Because actions have consequences. That is the way that YWHY formed the parameters of his creation. "I am the way, I am the truth and I am the life. If any man comes unto me, though he be dead, yet shall he live. And if any man believeth on me, he should never die. Do you believe this??" I call on you now, to repent and forsake your wicked ways, and take on the ways of YWHY. They are completely foreign to you, but in adoption, you can be made alive in Mashiach.

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