The Times Are Changing!

The core of the Mark of the Beast has always been the oath to lucifer that all Masons take. You either agree with and bow down to Satan, or you are league with them for money. But they are the ones who created this Gene Therapy potion they call a vaccine. It will change your DNA makeup and it will become the DeFacto way that everyone will know that it is tied to the Mark. And very soon now it will become absolutely mandatory. You will see very soon with your own eyes. When it does become a criminal offense to refuse it then you will know for a fact what it is. I do not think it will damn you until it is. But I do not know that for sure.

But this I do know. That potion has been designed to attack any weakness that you have in your body and once it is given, it cannot be undone. EVER!! It was never created for Covid. That was a cover story and a justification to get you and millions more to willingly take it. There never was any Pandemic. It has all been a huge fraud perpetrated by the Government and the Media. If you look at the death rates from 2019 to 2020 and then to 2021 were flat. That means no more people died in the latest two years than did before Covid hoax. Its right there in the data in black and white. All they did was call every other form of death as Covid and hyped it to the max to frighten everyone.

It would be like if all the news stations sent their crews out to a lonely spot and declared, "Oh my God, Aliens have landed, and they are killing everyone!! And they show you live footage of this happening. And they keep showing video nightly and the newspapers are saying it and all the Social Media platforms are abuzz about it. But none of it was real. They made it up to scare you into giving them dictatorial powers and ignore our very laws and constitution. All of it is CGI, computer generated. And 99% of the whole world believes them and agrees to allow them to steal all of their rights in exchange for this false sense of safety.

That is all they have done with Covid. The people mostly who did die were already half out the door anyway. They got a killer flu, and it was the last nail in their coffin. Don't you remember when NYC was going up in flames and President Trump sent the hospital ship to them?? They never used it. Because after the cameras were turned off, there were no crowds at the hospital. The ICU was not full to overflowing. I heard the firsthand testimony of a Nurse who was at NYC hospitals. A trauma nurse. Testified that she has never seen anyone die from Covid. Not then and not now. She said most of the people died from neglect in being quarantined and drug mismanagement. Doctors neglected their patients and gave them drugs that were extremely toxic and ineffective because Dr. Fauci said that was all they could use and it killed thousands.

This was all to get you to take their potion willingly. Because 45,000 people have died in this country since being vaccinated within 48 hours. And hundreds of thousands more are all developing all kinds of diseases and disorders now. Most who die in hospitals now are all triple vaxed. And the only ones still getting this fake Covid are triple vaxed. That because it was never designed to protect against anything. It was designed to kill most who take it. It is called depopulation and Bill Gates is their Queen of EVIL. The black trumpet of death.

Nothing is real anymore except the word of YHVH. They feed us what they want us to know and use their Tele-vision to brainwash the population with whatever mantra they want. And all the while you are living in the Matrix thinking everything is fine. While actually a real war between good and evil is raging all around for your very soul. Those who are in power do not give a rat's ass about any of us. All they are doing is only to benefit them. Start a war. Fund both sides. Kill off thousands, millions, who cares?? We mean nothing to them. Why did Biden open up our borders ON PURPOSE and will not listen to anyone try to speak sense into him. Because it benefits the Elites.

You surround a moral and self-assured community with migrants, who do know hold your beliefs, your customs. Who does not know our laws or care about them. They don't care what the teachers teach our kids. They won't speak out against evils. Who will work for next to nothing and they don't even speak our language and it removes our solidarity so we can be manipulated easier. There is a higher power in this world but it is not God. And he hates us all. And every Elite bows down to him and gives him their worship He is Satan. And he has a huge army of followers. But so does YHVH and the war is just about to blow wide open. Whom do you serve. If itis YHVH, Yeshua serve him. But id it is Satan then serve him but everyone who does will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.

Pretty, but asleep!!

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