The Sons of Hashem:

We, the Sons of Hashem, are a firebrand in his hand. To wreck vengeance upon the earth and to judge all the world and its functionaries. To destroy the outer boundary between Hashem and man by overcoming our own flesh. Taking off the garment of skin that Hashem placed upon Adam in the garden before banishment. Wherein he has also sent his chosen into banishment for their hardness of hearts and their sin. But now, he is gathering together both of them who were under the curse of sin and death, reconciling the object of his wrath unto the Sons of Hashem. That He may deliver and gather again Judah from the places where she has been banished by the Most High and gathering together his precious possession once again. In this he has reconciled all flesh unto him once again and restored Eden back to the Earth.

Praise to the King of Kings and lord of Lords, who in his wisdom and foresight did annul the sin of Adam and made us to re-establish our relationship back unto him once again. Making of no account the transgression that was accosted by the Serpent in the Garden. And the treasured possession shall bring Praise and Honor to the Most High, Elohim, the El Shaddai.

We who are the Sons of Hashem do now arise from the ashes of a cursed society and do take our rightful place in the earth and shall rule and reign for 1,000 years, after that we have defeated all sin, the Beast, the False Prophet and all who worship them. And have bound Lucifer and all the other Watcher Angels that have been held in prison for the last 5,000 years. For all who take the Mark of the Beast, shall remain cursed and cut-off for all eternity. Whose names are not found written in the Book of Life and who loved the creation more than the creator. Men loved darkness and followed Lucifer willingly and became Marked of him by their confession and the fact that they worked for money for the Perverse ones. Knowing full well the extent of their Fornication and approving of their Sins for Filthy Lucre.

I Yosef have poured out the first vial of the Wrath of Hashem against them and shall continue to pour them out until all seven have been dispatched. I have also blown the Trumpet in Zion, the Holy City of Hashem the Mountain of God and have warned of the coming wrath. The Temple in Heaven has been sealed now until the days of my Prophesy have been completed. Revelation Chapter 11.

Blessed, Holy and true are you, oh Lord, Hashem. Lord of Heaven and Earth, who was, who is and who will continue to come every day of every year unto 1,000 generations in the earth.

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