The Rapture

I was just talking to some guy about the rapture and he was so offended by what I said that he removed the whole thing so no one could see what I wrote. What a freaking coward!! Why is someone so afraid of the truth that they will hide what their beliefs are?? That is exactly what is wrong in the Church today. Fear rules in the hearts of men and not God!! So afraid that they cannot even back up what they believe. Well, that will not stop me because I will continue to speak the truth no matter what!! There will NEVER be a rapture. 1 Thess. 4:13-18 is not even about what they say it is. It has been taken out of context and used to prove a theory of something that is not even in the Bible at all. In verse 13, what is Paul even talking about?? Why did he say what he did?? What is the CONTEXT of those statements??? If you see what he is talking about you quickly see it is NOT about a rapture at all but of the order of the resurrection from the dead which is something totally different. And in-line with what Jesus taught and all his disciples also. If there was to be a rapture, why didn't Jesus say anything about it?? Don't you think that might have been an important subject to address sometime in 3.5 years.

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