The Purpose of Creation

My dear you could not be more blind if you actually set out that way! I forgot I wrote these comments, so just read the new one I just sent and please do not be afraid!! There is not, nor will ever be any rapture of any kind on this earth. See, the problem is you do not understand the purpose, or the plan of creation. If you understood that, you would not have this crisis of faith!! But that item is CRUCIAL to knowing what this is all about!! Why did God create man?? Why did Yeshua come to earth, born of a virgin to die 33 years later?? Was it just so you could be saved?? Was that the whole plan?? If so , our God sure does not have very much depth!! And then, resurrect from the dead, be seen among his disciples for 40 days. Ascend up and be received out of their sight into the clouds with a promise that he would return in like manner. Do you know he kept that promise 10 days later when the Feast of Pentecost was fully come?? He came out of the great cloud of witnesses and was deposited into men and women of God in the form of the Holy Ghost where he has lived and moved and had his being ever since!!! Hidden from the devil and all his minions. Ready to be revealed today for the whole world to see and behold his Glory. The ONLY begotten of the Father full of grace and truth. But he has given his same relationship to us so we could be just like he is, right now, in the earth!! Now why he did this I will never understand. he certainly did not have to share his Glory with us!! BUT HE DID!!!!! See, you do not realize who you are in Christ!! Nor do you understand why they all went to all this trouble to make us what they wanted us to be. (God and his Spirit). Why THEY went to all this trouble. See dear, I have been in heaven 3 times before and I can assure you that heaven is NOT our home!! Tell me something. If you were raptured right now and you went to heaven as you believe you would... What are you going to do there?? Seriously, you are now in a place that was not even created for man, where everything is foreign and you have absolutely no frame of reference. What are you going to do for all eternity there??? In all my 36 years as a believer in Yeshua I have NEVER had anyone give me a good answer to that question!! You will always be you no matter where you go. Me personally, If all I could do is float around on a cloud and strum a harp and sing Praises to my Lord (You know we could do all that right here, right now!) I would be bored out of my MIND in about 5 minutes!!! I would not want to be so constrained!! Come on girl... get REAL with me!! I stand against all your pre-conceived ideas of reality. Instead I speak the truth of God's Kingdom here on the earth where we belong!!! The earth is the Lords' and the fullness thereof!! If you only understood THE truth of God's Kingdom, you would like that revelation a whole lot better than the one you been carrying!! Once again, I get into it on a line by line basis within the pages of "God's Perfect Plan!" by The Holy Spirit as using the fingers of Mishael Crandall. Every scripture backing up every statement that I make!! Send me your email address for a free electronic copy today.

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