The Plot

Finally, people are starting to get the idea that the origin of the virus was from a lab in Wuhan. While this is the door through which the truth can be found, it is not THE truth. I am a man of God. I hear God's voice, much like you hear a friend talk to you. God has shown me what happened. I did not imagine this. I did not make it up in my mind. And I have no idea, to try and make my name great because of this information. But I want you to know the truth and everyone else as well. Because we face the GREATEST enemy, we have ever faced in the CCP. They are dead serious and are not playing around. Their mission and goal have not changed since 1973 when Nixon went to China. The West saw it as a way for China to become a productive member of the rest of the world. But China saw it as a way into the very fabric of our society. Once there to undermine, sow false information. Misdirect, outright lie and deceive about their true intentions. And to create dissention within our youth. Preach their dogma with our media. Take over our businesses with their money and ultimately to invade and remove any last vestiges of freedom and liberty. This has never changed or even been modified since that time. They have moved forward unwaveringly towards world control and domination of the Chinese Communist Party around the entire globe. In November 2019, Nancy Pelosi was in Wuhan. It has been fact checked that she was, but absolutely no one can, or will say what she was doing there. Before that Dr. Fauci had shifted all the enhanced infectious studies from the US to Wuhan because the Obama administration wanted no such research on US soil. The threat was too great. So, Dr. Fauci, took NIIAH federal grant money and funded these studies in Wuhan, China. With the express purpose to make Corona Viruses 10 times more contagious than they were in the natural world. To specifically attack the center of our respiratory system. In November of 2019, three workers from within that lab developed Covid-19 symptoms. It was an extremely dangerous proposition as SARS had escaped from a lab two years earlier. And that would have been bad enough if it had been an accident. But God told me, "It was no accident!!" Consider all of the illegal and morally wrong things the left has done in this country in the last two years to seize power. They will stop at NOTHING!!! Even to the point of falsifying a general election with numerous fraudulent techniques and installing a CCP puppet into the White House. Now, I know everyone has tried to destroy ANYONE who speaks the truth. But I am not afraid of this evil. I walk in the power of Almighty God and I shall fear no evil!!! This is the CCP's final assault to capture the United States without firing a shot and to enslave mankind once and for all. Fauci, the Democrats, other rogue players around the world who hate America and the CCP all made a league against us the people and made a pact on how to enslave us. And it started with getting rid of President Trump at any cost!! The reason is simple. Because they knew he could never be bought. They extend and maintain their power by corruption, graft and backroom deals in Government. And they knew that Trump would never play their games. So, a plan was hatched on how to destroy the man, with the help of the Main-Stream Media's help. A Russia Hoax. A Mueller investigation. An Impeachment, stealing an election, creating a Capital emergency, a second impeachment. And now the SDNY, creating fake crimes to once and for all prosecute him and put him in prison for NOTHING!!! With the purpose that he could NEVER run again and challenge them in their corruption. Then came Covid-19 and a worldwide "Plandemic." The goal always has been and always will be the administration of a "Vaccine" to enslave mankind once and for all. Covid was the tool that they used to get people to want the "Vaccine" and take it willingly and when that has run its course, they will force it upon the American people. Joe Biden has already said he will. The "Vaccine" was created long before Covid was developed. Covid was just an excuse!!! An excuse to remove our personal freedoms, lock us down, make us slaves to masks as a method of control, weaken us by destroying our economy and removing God completely from the equation. All in the name of "COVID-19) The Anti-Christ. The Cabal which started all this is now moving towards sealing their deal forever. Everything that the Democrats are doing today means to solidify their power and make it impossible for anyone else to ever again challenge them. EVERY SINGLE movement, bill, drop to the media, EVERYTHING!!! After the CCP released the Covid Virus on purpose, they purposefully sent operatives around the entire globe to make sure that it got everywhere. And they had to move fast before people like President Trump could see through their duplicity and ban travel from China. Which is exactly what President Trump did!!! But it was too late. His advisors lied to him too much and painted a false picture which slowed down his response to the virus. This was NEVER Trump's fault. He did the best that any human could under the circumstances. I see and know Trump's heart. The "Why" he does what he does and "why" he gets up in the morning. President Trump is an honorable man and he loves this country and he loves her people. He is not perfect, but who is??? This Cabal of operatives and elites has purposefully brought this upon the world, and they stand right in your face knowing full well what they have done and make out like they had nothing to do with it. Such brazen evil and wickedness is hard to imagine. They think they have won. They have been throwing a party behind closed doors celebrating their victory over us stupid people. They even fenced themselves off and put out troops to protect them from us if we ever caught wind of what was going on. But one thing they did not know, or care to find out. This is Armageddon and in Revelation, God wins!!! They NEVER took into account that someone greater than the Devil was here, and his name is the Lord Jesus Christ!!! And he is now saying that now he will arise with healing in his wings and heal all the Covid and destroy those who work darkness and love lies. And he shall thoroughly purge his threshing floor and the chaff shall be burnt with unquenchable fire. Holy Ghost Fire!!! I am God and he is me. And we are ONE!!! Bow before me oh earth and all who turn to me shall be redeemed and restored and healed. Says the Lord God.

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