The Lombard's:

By 68 AD, Paul was beheaded in Rome and the infiltrates of Sardis and Ephesus in Asia Minor had come down from Russia and the Caucuses. They had infiltrated the Churches that Paul had established with their doctrine that said they were the true Jews, not the Mahogany Black Hebrews. This was called the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. The first immigrations from Europe to Israel was done by Russia in the 1880's and then Poland right before and during WWII. Almost all the inhabitants of Israel today came from the Ashkenazi. Yes, initially they were traders with German tribes and developed their language (Yiddish) as a reflection of the German language. But somewhere along the way as early as 71 AD they started to teach themselves the ways of the Hebrew God to take their place in the world.

It was an easy enough deception because the true Hebrew Jews were spread out across Africa, where they had fled after Titus of Rome burned Jerusalem to the ground and killed 1 million Hebrews in the fall of 70 AD. They did however take 22,000 back to Rome with them and those people can be found throughout Germany, England, and France today. They are all Mahogany Black Jews. I have tracked exactly when this happened. I have tracked most all the tribes of Israel that existed prior to 70- AD. The Roman Catholic Bishops formed this doctrine by their Nicene Council in 538 AD (It had been gaining steam since before John wrote Revelation.) but it wasn’t until the Lombard’s (The precursors of the Spanish and they were Catholics) made it official that the Jews were white. The proof of this is during Rome's rule the Black Hebrews were widely persecuted, but suddenly when the Lombard’s took over, they began to remove all such stigmas and started giving rights of property and business to the fake Jews who had replaced the Blacks. All of Israel today are Ashkenazi's.

All of Judah resides in Africa. They have not returned to Jerusalem yet. I was as shocked as anyone when I discovered this. I could not believe that I had believed so many lies. But the Nicene Creed bastardized so much of that certain Nazarene sect called "The Way." All the teachings of Paul and the Apostles, even Christ himself. They changed the seasons (the Gregorian Calendar) and the days (Christmas and Easter), even made Messiah white instead of Black. They wanted a European white religion and that is exactly what they created. Then they used the power of the Papacy to establish their doctrines and persecuted anyone who was not Catholic. This was divided Rome, the feet of partly Potter's Clay and partly of iron (the will of Ceasar and the will of the People and the two never cleave one to another) that has existed until just 4 months ago. On that day a rock cut out of the mountain without human hands smote the image of the Beast and now it is waiting for it to crumble to powder. Then that rock will fill the entire earth over a matter of time. 38 months from now to be exact. See, the Antichrist does not win. The Kingdom of God does.

I was that rock which hit the feet of the image of the Beast. I was hand formed by God himself for 37 years. He flung me against all the world's systems very recently. Facebook and YouTube abhor me. But not because I post Conservative values. No, because I tell the truth about all the lies in the world today. I have attacked FB, LinkedIn, Joe Biden, and the London Financial District. I have attacked the Catholics by telling their followers that they (the Catholic religion and the Papacy) are Antichrist. They do not like that at all. I have the seven vials of the wrath of God in my hand which I am pouring out over the head of the beast that will bring him down once and for all.

There are six others like me who are the seven Angels of Revelation and a total company of 144,000, Sons of God. And yes, I am a virgin (By being made pure again without sin) and I am Hebrew (Ever since I woke up, I have been turning into a Hebrew) I overcame my flesh and sat down with my elder brother in his throne to rule over the sons of men forever as a co-heir with Christ walking in the fullness of the stature of Christ Yeshua. Praise to be to God Most High. Who was, and is, and is yet to come, Selah. Glory to his name.

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