The Keys to the Kingdom; Lesson Two:

The Keys of the Kingdom

Lesson Two

I got a lot of this from a man of God named Dutch Sheets. I treasure him so much. He has been preaching and teaching about the Keys of the kingdom for a long time. I discovered some time ago, that no man has it all. God gives each of us a measure of Revelation and knowledge. It’s not until we come together in the unity of the faith that we can all get the big picture. God designed it that way. But unfortunately, the Devil has deceived so many today. And he has used the pride and arrogance in people’s heart to get Pastors to fear other men and to cut themselves and you off from any other teaching. And because of that a lot of us have never heard this teaching before.

That is really tragic. Keys are needed to unlock doors. But the funny thing about keys is that you can have a whole ring of them. But if you do not use them, they are useless. You must expend effort to take the proper key, put it into the proper lock and turn it to accomplish whatever you want to do.

For my whole life men have said, “Be blessed in Jesus Name”. Thinking that somehow like magic it would just happen. But that is not how God operates and for us to reap his benefits we must do things his way. There are certainly other ways to go, but they are not as profitable as his ways. That is why we must understand his ways and walk in them.

I have been collecting keys for most of my life. I have a whole ring of them with thousands of individual keys on them. Keys are little bits of understanding. Revelation if you will. Because my keys are Spiritual. I got all of them from God.

The problem is that unless you know where a certain key fits, and what it is supposed to do, having a bunch of keys is just like having useless junk!! I now have this huge view of the creation around me and how things all fit together and work. This has been recently that it all came together. I got the “Rest of the Story”. What those keys meant, how they were connected to each other and what they were supposed to do.

Now, that is POWER!!! See, God has given us all keys of Revelation. Some more than others. But unless you know how to use the key it has no value. Bu the moment you know which lock is which and what key fits into which lock, we…. then you can unlock doors which have been previously locked to you. AND you can lock other doors that have been open to you that you don’t want to be open.

God has given us Spiritual authority, through Christ. He wanted us to be able to fight our own battles and win. He wanted us to put a key into our car and our Ministry and drive. He wanted us to do the same with an airplane and fly. He wanted us to unlock Spiritual Doors and to unlock doors as well.

We were raised to seek our help from others, which is fine when you are a child. But when you become an adult, we are supposed to know how to run our own life. But let us look deeper into this. Prayer. We pray to God, and we ask him to do stuff for us. That ‘s ok, but what if… You could just take a key that was given to you and unlock the door to what you want or need?? And you could do that yourself, at will, without having to ask anyone. What would that be worth to you???

I mean because then if you needed money, you could just declare it and unlock the door to money. Then bind the Devil from stealing it and it is given to you. But wait, can I really do that and is it that simple?? Yes, and yes.

So, let me get this straight. If I need money and it is a need and I am not just trying to get rich and I will not misuse it, I can just create my own wealth?? Absolutely yes. But to whom much is given is much required. If you walk in that kind of power, God will not let you get away with anything shady or greedy.

God did this for a reason. Number one, he wants his children to grow up and number two, he has enough to do than babysit you for the rest of your life.

Let’s look at Spiritual authority now. God has given us the keys to his Kingdom. But we must take one key and Bind the Devil. To bind the seat of his authority. To unseat him. God is not going to do it, he wants you to do that. Take what he has given you and use it for his Glory. That is how he receives his Glory. In obedience and operation.

Let’s say I am deceived. I don’t know it, but you can see it because of Spiritual discernment, and you tell me about it in love. Then I will get mad and insulted because I am arrogant. So God, lets me go through some fire to temper me out and eventually I learn obedience because of the things that I have suffered, so I submit myself to Spiritual authority. I accept your correction and I repent and change my mind.

Next, God sees that I have humbled my heart, so he gives me another key.

This key gives me the understanding that all I must do is start Binding the Devil to get him off my back. And if you are in right standing with God, your words have weight and authority, power before God, His power, and his authority. The Devil MUST obey you. But be it according to you as is your Faith. If you believe and do not waver, you are so incredibly powerful that your words MUST be obeyed instantly. Now the Devil has been doing his job for along time and he knows you and your weaknesses intimately. So, he will try and get you to back off!! He will throw a temptation towards you and boy does he know which one can get to you. And then he stands back and waits. He figures eventually you will break, so he just bides his time. Like I said, he has been doing this a long time.

Then, if you stand your ground, he will throw some vanity at you, or he will cause one of his servants of which there are many to buffet you, or lie to you, or both. He never fights fair. But stick to your guns you have incredible power. Next, he will do something else worse. I f you stand your ground and do not back down, God takes notice. Because he does not see that very often, because most people will fold somewhere along the way. So, then God tells the Devil, STOP!!, You are done!

Let us look further. When I need something, I speak it as though it were, even though its not. Then by faith I expect it to manifest before me and it always does. The thing that I do not have control over is how it comes, or who it comes through, because God always uses people, and I do not control the when. But just remember, God is mindful of you, and he is NEVER late.

This is a Spiritual principle that always works no matter what. Now, we have all known this for most o four lives in the Lord, but why doesn’t it really work for me?? Well, the reason is pretty simple. We have doubt and disbelief in our hearts. We don’t mean to, and we confess with our mouth, but it takes time to be able to do this effectively and it is what God wants us to do.

See, when I was a child, I thought as a child, and I acted like a child, and I was under Governors and tutors until… The time appointed of the father. But when is the appointed time?? When you can handle it on your own!!!

But wait, I thought we were not supposed to do things, that we were supposed to wait upon God?? Well, there is a time and a season of waiting and that takes discernment. But usually, every day of our lives. WE are supposed to do everything that is within our power ourselves. And the more you can do by yourself will show the world how mature you really are.

Do we need others, of course, no man is an island unto himself, and we all need a helpmeet? And in the counsel of many is safety. But there will come a day when you will be of a full age. You can discern Spiritual things. You will have great knowledge and wisdom and you will have experience. Then you do not need others, you yourself become the fountain from which all lives flow. You become healing. You become wealth. You become deliverance because you yourself were delivered. You have peace and are the peacemaker. Do you see where this goes and here the one that people will say makes me a blasphemer. You become Christ. You are walking in his fullness, under an open heaven and you are performing great miracles and saving multitudes of souls. That is our destination in Christ. That what God’s will be.

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