The Greatest Secret!

I spent about an hour yesterday writing this piece of FB. When I went to post it all that posted was the last paragraph. The Devil does not want you to know what I am about to tell you. Because I am about to reveal the greatest secret of all time. This is going to be a long piece. I will break it up probably into three parts on FB, but I will post the entire piece on my blog and my forum on my website at Ever since I came home from Africa last year, the Spirit of the Lord has been very active and has been revealing tremendous things to me almost on a daily basis. I as a watchman on the wall MUST tell you what I have seen. My word is this, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord and make his path straight!!” Ignorance has covered the earth and gross ignorance and darkness the peoples and that includes the Church. Most everything that you believe about end time events has been wrong. Even blasphemous at times. Men have taken very carnal interpretation of events that John on Patmos could not really describe because he was looking at our day and couldn’t describe what he saw very well. But John was faithful and wrote whatever he was given to his best ability. I am here to tell you that no one yet has interpreted his writings correctly. Until now. I am a very humble man of God. I have been hand trained for over 36 years to take my place in the body to fulfill my function and reason for existence. God revealed to me when I was 52 years old (I am 61 now) of things that were going to happen in my life. They were so incredible that I didn’t even believe it was possible for over three years. I kept asking him, why me?? Why me?? And I meant it. I could not see what he saw. He never answered that question, but he did compel me always to move forward by faith. At that time that I came home, I was split into a flesh and blood man and also a Spirit man inhabiting the same body. But the dominant side was the Spirit man. So much so that I could not remember how to do even basic things like operate my phone or my computer. But in the Spirit, I saw very clearly how, why, and when everything was going to happen. The things that he had told me nearly 10 years before. Also, since then I have been seeing revelation from God about all kinds of things both natural and Spiritual and how it all ties into Revelations more clearly than ever before. I had an initial revelation when I had my stroke four years ago and received the entire book of Revelation in about a ½ second of time. But I am going to have to go back now and define it more clearly and rewrite a good portion of it. Nothing that I wrote before was false, I just have a clearer revelation now than I did then. The things that I am going to tell you here have not been born out of my intellect. Except that I know why certain things have happened and their meaning to us. It has come directly from God our Father, creator of all things. His desire is that we now know and understand the state of this world that we now live in and to understand how to prepare and make our path straight. As far as what people have preached about these times for decades, in times past he has winked at such ignorance, but now is commanding all men everywhere to repent and seek the truth from him. I must warn you…Do not revolt against what I am about to write. In your ignorance and arrogance do not find yourself fighting against God. For if you do, you will lose!! Even if you disagree, or do not understand, just put it up on a shelf and ask him to show you the truth. I am just the torch bearer. I carry the fire of almighty God and I have been given authority to do what I am doing right now. It will not go well for you if you rise in anger. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE. No matter how enticing they say it is, or how many famous people tell you that it is the “Right Thing” to do. The vaccine is the “MARK OF THE BEAST!!” Once taken, you cannot ever go back. It will complete within your body its programming and most likely within two years you will die. But up until that time you will suffer immeasurably in ways that you cannot even imagine. We are way-y-y farther along in Revelation that anyone can possibly consider. Prophecy is unfolding all around us but our eyes, our Spiritual eyes are NOT open!! WE have been tricked into looking at the wrong target by the enemy of our souls. This is how the Democrats, and the Liberal Elites operate. By subterfuge. They attack where there was no crime and lie about it. They misdirect your attention away from the true target to focus on the wrong thing. This allows them to carry on their evil intentions without interference. Their father is Satan, and he has instructed them on how to do this and world domination is their goal. Complete power and control over God’s creation. But ALL of this was foretold by John on Patmos. In a sense I don’t even know where to start. There is so much information and to share how it tied into history is going to take quite some time. So, I will start here, and we will discover what we can. In Revelation chapter 9, it says, “Then the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven which had fallen to the earth; and the key to the shaft of the abyss was given to him. Rev 9:2 He opened the shaft of the abyss, and smoke ascended out of the shaft like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened from the smoke of the shaft. Rev 9:3 Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power. In 2012 a group of scientists in Switzerland turned on the Hadron Collector which they had built. The project was called CERN. This was the fulfillment of that prophecy. Ever since then this world has been turned on its ear. Up is down and down is up. And it has been progressively getting worse. Untold suffering has entered into the world since they opened that doorway to the bottomless pit. But they were told not to kill anyone only torture them for a period of time. But when people started dying from this released virus, things change, and more prophecy was unfolding. The reason why I am detailing this is because it is all tied together with the same string!! I cannot go into all the points out of Revelation now, but I will do this in the flowing weeks as I update my book. But now I want to tell you a story. And in this story, I will do my best to show you why you should not take their vaccine. Once and for all! WHAT WOULD NEED TO HAPPEN FOR ½ THE POPULATION OF THE EARTH TO PERISH?? In the parable of the wheat and the tares, a bad man has sown tares in among the wheat. The groundskeeper goes to ask the master if he should root out the tares or not. The master says, “No, leave them both until the harvest, lest we root up some of the wheat with the tares.” That was because when wheat is young you cannot really tell the difference between them. It is not until the grain is mature in the head that you can really tell the difference because tares have no fruit. Interesting! That is why in the beginning even the righteous will look a lot like the wicked until they start to grow some fruit of Christ. The master then says, “At the harvest gather together FIRST the tares into bundles to be burned with unquenchable fire. Then gather the wheat into my barns. Isn’t this exactly opposite what the church teaches today?? They teach that the righteous will be taken out, but it WILL be the wicked!!! But we also see a few parables that tell us that one is taken, and one will be left. So, where are the “Taken” (the wicked) taken to?? Where the eaters of carrion are. Where the birds will eat their flesh. If one is taken and one is left, that has always meant to me that ½ of the world’s population will be destroyed that the righteous may inherit the earth!! See how this is way different. But it is what God’s word says. Not the other that they preach today. Then will come the greatest revival in the history of the world and a harvest of souls will take place so that ½ of the world is saved. A total of 3.5 billion. Including existing Christians and those who will come in in the next seven years. Forget about all the foolishness that you have been taught. They are all lies and the come from the Devil. Remember attack someplace away from the target to get your focus off of what they are doing. Keep telling it over and over until people believe it as true (Hitler made up that one) Use the media to reinforce the lie and never back down until your mission is fulfilled. This is how the Devil and the left operate. They have deceived the church exactly in this manner. Remember, Satan has millennia to get this down. He has studied us, and he knows exactly how to deceive us with God’s own word. Just by twisting it a little here and a little there and BAM they believe the lie!! So, back to our story…Now one thing here is that we must understand something, it takes the Holy Ghost and divine revelation to see through his deception. Without that we are hopelessly outnumbered. Prophecy is not really telling you that something is going to happen like a command, but rather a record of what happens in the future, but it is based upon what we do in that moment. Another wards God does not dictate these events, he is just telling us what we did in that time. Or it can be an expression of what his will is. We must remember this as we view the following. The Devil wants to destroy God’s creation. The left wants absolute control over our lives and wants to solidify their power. They both have ben planning this for a very long time. Everything that we are seeing today was planned out and prepared for down to the smallest detail and they are intent on world domination. Make no bones about it, that is their goal. The agenda that they have presented to the world goes like this… China accidently had a mutated virus that escaped into a market in Wuhan, or that it occurred naturally in bats and then appeared at this market. The virus spread and it eventually got out into the world and started a pandemic. Then a bunch of scientists came up with a miraculous vaccine in record time and now they are going to save the world through the miracle of modern medicine. Yeah, mankind is saved!!! COMPLETE AND TOTAL GARBAGE AND A LIE BORN OUT OF THE PIT OF HELL!!! If you will notice about those scorpion creatures, they sting with their tails. A JAB in the arm if you will!! Your goal is to kill ½ the world’s population and from their viewpoint the reason is to combat the shortage of resources so that only the best of society can survive on what is left. They use many tools to convince the world that this is “Necessary” for the survival of the species. Climate change, carbon in the atmosphere, things like that. But they are ALL just stories. Created to sell an agenda. The survival of the fittest. And they certainly do not intend for any Christians to survive. How insulting is that to the devil. That these humans would submit themselves to the God that cause him to be thrown out of heaven!! At least if he could get rid of them, he could use the rest of the poor Bastards to serve him!!! The left don’t know that this was all the Devil’s plan, they think it was theirs and their reasons for doing it are quite different. But their goals are the same. Christians try and withstand their evil desires and well, we cannot have that!! I’m just going to be blunt now. I think you got my points. Now let’s slice off the head of the beast!! What they have done is this, they engineered a virus in a lab. Dr. Fauci and Jeffery Epstein, working with Bill Gates and others had already done experiments on how to make a virus more contagious in the lab. They had done this by combining animal and human DNA together. They had perfected what they set out to do and they called their creation Covid-19. The Elites decided that they needed to release this virus to the world and thought how they might accomplish it. It was for the reasons I laid out above. A plan was drawn up. They planned it down to the smallest detail for years. This included the release of the virus, the pandemic, using the corrupt media to reinforce the lie, the chaos, the economic devastation, AND the VACCINE!! And while we are at it let’s steal an election. Nancy Pelosi went to Wuhan in November 2019 right before or during the release to personally oversee it. But before they could release a virus and they could not use on like Ebola because they wouldn’t be able to control that one. They had to have one that they knew in ward and out. Like one they created in the lab. Before release, they needed a vaccine that would look like they wanted to solve the crisis, when their motives were much darker, and sinister. Their real goal was not a virus, it was the vaccine. Because in that vaccine was a change to the RNA using aborted fetal tissue, that once administered would bring about a controlled extermination of billions of people. The virus was not even the real threat, it was just an excuse to do the rest!! They engineered the vaccine to be a radical destroyer of human tissue before they even released the virus. Now, you might think, no, no one could be that sinister. But you really do not even know who and what we are dealing with. This my friends is Armageddon as described in Revelation. The final battle between good and evil. We are in it right now!! But they had to make all this look like an accident. Look like a natural occurrence. That is why oy is so convoluted and complicated. Devious to its core! So, they created a ruse for three Big Phama companies to “Develop” an emergency vaccine to “Fight” Covid-19. The very virus that they had created. They went through all the motions to look like it was a miracle. President Trump was not in on this ruse. He only knew what his advisors told him, and the Deep State had planted operatives at strategic locations on his staff as advisors and aids. He did not find this out until at the very end when they all turned on him as the traitors they are. The companies made a good show out of it and used their buddies in the media to continue to feed the lies. They then “Complete” this miracle event and again use their bussies in the media to sell the American public to take the vaccine. Of course, this has affected the whole world, but it was all done for this country. We are the threat to the Liberals and their agenda. Our covenant with God makes us the enemy of the Devil and our Judeo-Christian values have always kept the left in check. Until now!! This is the goal of the vaccine, once administered, it begins to slowly attack our DNA to make key changes to our make-up. They say this was necessary to overcome the Covid-19 virus. But that has nothing to do with it. They change that it is making are transgenic in nature. Supposedly to make us better humans. That was always Epstein’s gig. But it doesn’t work that way. Because Fauci and his team engineered it to kill instead. Epstein wanted transgenesis, Gates wanted to solidify his position and fortunes but Fauci was and is pure evil. The true zealots have a world view where we do not exist in it. Except the slaves that they will need to produce the goods and services that they will need, and they only want the best producers. And these are the ones who will survive even the vaccine. The survival of the fittest!! Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. They hold to it as gospel. This vaccine is engineered to kill one out of every two people who take it within about two years. And they will have plausible deniability because it will take some time for the genesis to take pace and then they can just say that it was a complication of the vaccine that they didn’t see coming. And all who take the vaccine will suffer immeasurably during the genesis process. Some people even now are so sensitive that the vaccine kills them immediately. A lot more than the media will ever let on. This is the sign of what is to come. I did not make this up!!! I received this information from God himself!!! When John saw this and wrote about it he did not know how to describe anything. But he wanted to warn everyone, so he tried his best. But what he wrote has been so misunderstood forever. They received a mark in their forehead (the knowledge of evil), or in their right hand (their actions to perform evil) The righteous are only marked in their forehead. That is because we follow only what our God instructs us to do. We are not working out our iniquity like the wicked does. And everyone who takes this physical mark of the vaccine will suffer immeasurably until death and nothing can be done for anyone once they are injected. Except one thing. To repent and be saved!! There is ONLY one unforgivable sin and that is blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. Certainly not if you unknowingly take a vaccine that everyone told you was safe and effective. That is forgivable. Men have taught you that anyone who takes that mark is unredeemable. But that is a lie, and I will prove it to you. REV 14:9 Then another angel, a third one, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand,

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