The End of Days!!

I know this all sounds really bizarre. But read what I say. Listen with your heart. You can tell the difference between truth and error if you listen with the ears of God's Spirit. I pray for each and every one of you. That you will understand, what his will is and act accordingly!!! I say unequivocally that the Covid "Vaccine is the "Mark Of the Beast and everyone who takes it will be damned forever. I am really sorry to say this. But it is the truth and as Watchman if I do not warn you then your blood will be upon my head. If you claim you are of Christ and you take the vaccine you are damned!! I am sorry to say that and it saddens me terribly because members of my own direct family have taken it and Good friends and Brothers. The "PROOF" is coming very soon. It starts with "Manipulation" They will try and coerce you to take it. Then they turn to "Intimidation" They try to shame you into taking it. Now wait for the last phase... "Domination" They force you to take it. Then will be written comes to pass that all who will not take their jab will not be able to buy nor sell unless they take it. Is this NOT what they are doing?? And can't you see the writing on the wall?? But why is this so bad and what make sit so different?? After all isn't it just a vaccine like all the rest?? NO!!! This one is way different. When you take the "Vaccine" you are taking a marker that will mark you as vaccinated and it will set you up for further programming. Because if you read their own patents what they are injecting into you is not biological, it is a small robot/computer. It is carried into your DNA by Messenger RNA. This is accomplished through the vehicle of aborted fetal tissue. You MUST see how evil this thing is!! MRNA is the programming that tells our structural DNA what type of creature we are. But this one is synthetic so at first they can mark you as protected for your own good and the good of others, but what they are really after is a type of inside our body connection to technology that can be manipulated by Quantum Computers. Another wards, so they can control you and what you think and what you do. They have been doing this with Psychological warfare and the complicit media since about 1948, which is the same year that the fake tribe of Israel took over the Holy Land. But now they want to make it permanent and they are using the Virus that they created in the lab to justify what is coming now. That is what they are after and some false "AI God" to direct everyone's life which itself, is directed by Satan. So that he can be "Like the Most High" and be God of the earth himself. All of this is anti-Christ. And it is going to get very scary for the next seven years until this is all finished. The Devil and all his people have already pulled out all the stops to get there way. They are fighting with everything that they have to win this war. I would call upon everyone of you, but you have not been prepared for this like I have. I have been modeled, disciplined and trained for over 36 years for this day!!! Now that I have totally scared you to death, let me give you hope. Because if you have read your Bible you know God does win in the end and that is how it will be. However, what you do not understand is how that will happen and what the outcome will be. That is what I am here to tell you now. Yes, all the remnant will be tested to the core and yes you will suffer many things during this time. Preachers tell you that we were not appointed to wrath and preach an escape called the rapture. But this is pure fantasy. It will never happen. We will be tested. I know that because I have been tested to my core several times for the last 36 years. But, we the Sons of God prophesied in Romans Chapter 8 by Paul the Apostle, are now seated and ready for what is coming. We are prepared and capable, having been hand trained by God for this day and this hour. I never knew when this would all transpire because I was learning. But now I see very clearly who I am, and what my mission is now. And there are exactly 144,000 of us around the earth right now. You might have recognized us by all the outlandish things we were saying throughout the years. True things and not lies like the rest. Preparing to be called upon now to deliver God's creation back to himself. The Devil has his plans, but remember, God has his plan and he wins!!!! Here is the part where God exerts his sovereignty and defeats the beast once and for all. Everyone who takes this "Vaccine" this "Mark of the Beast" will die a horrible death because it won't work!! But first, before he can enslave mankind, the Sons of God will bind Satan for 1,000 years and provide peace on the earth. What God is doing here is to cause their plans to be put on hold before they can perfect the system and let mankind experience a Holy lifestyle on earth for 1,000 years. But at the end Satan will be loosed and he will move once again to enslave mankind with his Master plan and he will rally the entire earth to rise against God and against his first-fruits. And at that moment God, will destroy the whole thing with the brightness of the Physical Coming of Christ. This happens after the next 1,000 years and right before the resurrection of the dead and the Great White Throne Judgement of man. But what happens next is that the Sons of God, which is a Corporate coming of the Lord happens and that is literally only months away. Wherein the overcomers will rule and reign with Christ for the 1,000 years. There is even right now has started a seven year battle between good and evil which is called Armageddon. That is happening right now!! And it will go on for seven years. In about 2029, give or take we will have destroyed most of the Beast's work, driven darkness out of the earth and we shall restore creation back to God and heal the Land of all her maladies. And then we will live at peace for the balance of 1,000 years until about the year 3000. Christians are not going anywhere!! And its going to get worse before it gets great!! During the next seven years, 1/2 of the population of the earth will die from taking this vaccine. Remember, one is taken and one is left. That means 50 % of the world's people. But the taken are not the righteous as men teach falsely today, but it is the wicked. The wicked are gathered "FIRST" and bundled together to be burned with "unquenchable fire". What else would you do with 3.5 billion bodies who died from this vaccine. We all read the Bible but we never understood how accurate Prophecy actually is!!! Everyone who has taken the "Mark of the Beast!!" I am NOT the only one saying this truth now. But what I do have that hardly anyone else does is how it all fits together and what it all means and what is coming next. AS Paul Harvey always said on the radio, "The Rest of the Story!!", "I am the Watchman on the Wall, Prepare ye the Way of the Lord. Make ye straight Paths Before Him!!"

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