The Declaration

“Now is the day when I shall be lifted up, says the Lord of Hosts. I shall now be exalted in the earth. All manner of men shall see and declare my Glory. I shall not give my Glory to another, for it is I that paid the ultimate price and it was I that was raised incorruptible. I declare to you that I am going to do a new work on earth. I am going to Glorify my name and all mankind shall see my Glory and testify that I am he. The first and the last. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I come this time with the FIRE of my Father. To establish my rulership and my authority on earth. I have not come to restore peace unto Israel at this time, but to judge all the profane, the false, the corrupt and all those who do work iniquity. I will thoroughly purge my floor and the wicked shall be no more. I have not come to remove you my people, but I have come to empower you and to fulfill your purpose before me. This is to destroy the works of darkness and to establish my Kingdom in the mountaintops. Look up oh Israel, for your redemption is truly at hand.”

God has spoken to me to return to Africa this year. Even now am I in preparation. I will also be going to Washington DC, as he has a purpose and a plan for our Government here.

I fully expect a Continent-wide move across Africa that will bring millions of new souls into God's Kingdom during this next visit. We will be doing Evangelism to 10-40,000 seats at a time. I am bringing a world class Praise and Worship Team. Building relationships with the true existing leadership structure and those who will instruct the new converts and prepare young ministers for service. I will be bringing my own TV Production crew as everything will be documented and broadcast to the world. God is going to save, heal the sick and diseased, raise the dead, restore fortunes, break demonic oppression. He will do great miracles, signs and wonders in the Heavens above. I am going to destroy the root of poverty on the entire continent and liberate the captives and set them FREE!!! This is going to be a sovereign move of almighty God!!!

That is why I will need GREAT resources. Not for my glory, or benefit, but for the people of Africa, as God has placed in my heart to do. Now let us join our hearts together to keep his Holy Vision and perfect that which he has put into my hands to perform. I now beseech every man and woman of God to pray and intercede on behalf of this great undertaking. What we begin here shall cover the entire earth in the days to come. Lay aside your cares and focus on the mission at hand. This is how God has chosen for you to be a part and be integral towards its fulfillment. Pray, fast, send your offerings to me that I may obey my Father who is sending me.

Go to Click on “Donations” and send your Holy Offering. That you might be blessed by the God of Heaven and Lord of earth. Do not fear, or doubt, or be selfish, but believe that this is the WILL of the Lord and involve yourself. Pour out yourself on behalf of your Brothers and Sisters in Africa!!! And those who are in Africa, send your little and I the Lord shall make it much. Do not think that I will not be righteous, for God himself holds the reigns of my heart and he would judge me harshly if I were to take advantage of anyone for money’s sake. God has burned that out of me for the last 36 years my friends. I fear God and God alone, but I require your help to proceed. Be of good courage. Be forthright. Be on time. Extend your faith. This is the time for you to grasp onto whatever you have been seeking the Lord for. All he asks is that you honor him FIRST with your resources and your time. If you will hear his voice and obey then you shall have GREAT breakthroughs forever more. Your loved ones will be saved. Those who are afflicted around you shall be healed. Those who are weak shall be made strong. And PEACE shall be thy name oh, Israel. Amen!!

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