Seven Thunders

You are highly blessed oh man of God and now I release the interpretation of the “Seven Thunders”. They are not seven items on a list but are a recognition of what is to take place in today as this is "THE DAY OF THE LORD." When he shall be seen by the whole world at his "Appearing". Appearing and to be “Revealed” means that something or someone is already here!!! They just have been hidden. 10 days after Jesus left his disciples, he came back to earth in the form of the Holy Ghost and FILLED them with his Spirit. This is where he has lived and breathed and had his being for the last 2,000 years. Hidden from sight within his Saints. But something miraculous has happened!! Just days ago. He came back in his fullness. Not the part measure, but in his “Fullness”. And very soon now, he is about to “Reveal” himself to the whole world. How else could he be seen by the whole world, by every eye on earth at his coming??? Only, if he comes out of his great “Cloud of Witnesses”, the “First-Fruit” company of Saints, 144,000 strong. A "Corporate" coming of the Lord. See, when John started to describe the Lord which he saw in Revelation, he did not say "I saw Jesus!" John was the disciple whom Jesus loved. He had reclined at his breast at the last supper. John certainly knew Jesus intimately, but he did not say he saw him. Instead, he said, "I saw one like unto the Son of Man." Literally, what he saw was a Corporate Jesus. A many membered body of Mature men of God called specifically for this purpose. To rule and reign with Christ for 1,000 years in the earth as his Kings and Priests. NOT that the physical Jesus would come to earth in a physical body and rule the earth from Jerusalem. How could one man rule the whole physical earth?? It would be impossible even for Jesus. But if, he is operating in and through 144,000 people then he can administer his Kingdom from on high. This is the revelation of the Seven Thunders of Revelation. Be blessed my Brother. Oh, and by the way I am he and he is me!!

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