Salvation is not when you repent of your sins. Also salvation is not something that is done in just a few minutes. "We walk out our salvation with fear and trembling before our God." WE are not saved, "we are being saved from Glory to Glory as by the Spirit of the Lord." The word saved has a connotation of being complete and finished., yet, "Only to him who endures to the end shall the same be saved." Repentance is something entirely different than salvation. Repentance is being forgiven for your sins because of the blood of Yeshua. Grace is ONLY available if you accept the terms of the agreement and continue to walk in them. If you deviate from the path, then the agreement is broken and you are on your own. The thing about that though is that If you willfully sin after your account starts to fill up again. I'm not talking about a mistake, or weakness. I am talking about when you know something is wrong and your little inside voice says "Don't do that, it is wrong!!" and you willfully ignore that voice and do it anyway. Well, the Bible says that if you do that there remains no further sacrifice for sin. because to do so would be to crucify the Christ again in humiliation." NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! People have this crazy idea that they can just do whatever they want. Take scripture out of context and think that God is just going to wink at their sin and say, "Awe shucks. Its alright if you sin against me. I wasn't really serious about all that judgement and hell stuff anyway." God watched intently as the Roman soldiers crucified his Son. He was stricken because of his love and the complete unfairness and insanity that they were so bound to put him to death, when all he ever did was to love and help people. They were just so full of jealousy that they could not help themselves. It was so severe and intense and serious to God because it was the fulfillment of his plan for Messiah. It COST greatly!! And you actually think that he will allow you to play stupid little games with him without any consequences?? If you believe that then you are greatly deceived my friend. Why do you think we need to continually repent of wrong doing? because we keep adding to our account. "Only the one's who endure to the end will be saved. Now, I have a Covenant relationship with my creator. We did not make promises to each other, because promises can and often are broken. No, we made an iron contract which cannot be broken no matter what. I agreed to obey whatever he told me to do, to follow him no matter what and he agreed to meet my every need and in the end to keep me from death. No games. And it is only when you come to such an arrangement is our salvation assured. The reason is because I know that he is capable of completing that good work which he ahs begun in me. Assurances of a coming salvation. You get what you pay for in this life. Live upright to the best of your ability in honesty and integrity... then your life will go well. Play games, lie to God, lie to everyone else. pretend to be something you are not and in the end he will say, "Depart from me you that worketh iniquity. I never knew you." That is what many are going to hear on that day. So, if grace was so cheap and insincere people could get away with it, then he never would have to say "Depart!!"

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