Congressman Are Smart:

You know this might just tell us something. Despite the media and celebrities urgings only 45% of Congressman have taken the Covid Vaccine. You think they might know something that we do not?? They are right now trying to shame us or bribe us into taking their jab. Why is that?? If this thing was as effective and safe as they are screaming at us, wouldn't our leaders be the first ones to take it?? Even up to 50% of healthcare workers, who are on the front lines refuse to take the jab. Isn't that interesting. It is to me because I believe that within two years most if not all who take their vaccine will die from unseen complications. And I think they have done this on purpose to thin out the population so that only elites control all the resources and the rest of the highly productive survivors will be their slaves. Seems impossible, I know. But what if???

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