Political Truth:

YES!! It is time to tell the truth. For people to understand the reality of their decisions. They act like there is no tomorrow and if they keep going the way they are, there won't be!! LB Johnson was recorded saying right before the 1964 election, "Let us pass the Civil Rights act and give them all this free stuff, and we will have them voting Democrat for the next 200 years!!" Referring to blacks. The Republican Party had been trying to restore blacks to being equal with rights since 1864 when the first Black Senator was elected. The Democrats had fought tooth and nail for 100 years to make sure that Blacks were only 3/5ths human. But, LBJ changes everything when he changed their tactics and now Blacks support in droves the very same ones who tried to keep them slaves for 100 years. And what do all the black leaders within the Democratic party do when they get to Congress. They join the oppressors and do absolutely nothing to help their brothers, against all campaign promises to do so. But now, its not just the Democrats, It is the uniparty. Republican's who have joined Democrats in order to maintain their power, their corruption and all their backroom deals. And then there are the Muslims. Many Blacks convert to the Muslim Religion. They were the ones who in the 5th and 6th century AD, of the Common Era, who ran all the slave trade and enslaved all the Blacks from Africa. Who were actually descendants from the Royal Hebrew Tribe of Judah and have no business being involved with the ones who enslaved them so long ago. People have short memories. Every single Black person in America who came from Africa was made a slave because they were descended from the Royal Tribe of Judah. You have been captivated now not physically as 400 years ago, but through cultural and economic conditions. YOU ARE ROYALTY and don't even know it!! God's chosen and set apart people. You are the rightful descendants of the promise land in Modern Israel, not the Ashkenazi who are there now. They are those who say they are Jews, But are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. God said he would give you the promised land and that you would dwell there forever. It was only because of your sin and your rebellion that he allowed you to be displaced. But NOW, he is calling you home!!! Within the next 3 years time, I am going to lead a mass migration back to Israel. And I find all this hilarious. God really has a sense of humor, because I am white. But I am not a Caucasian from the Steppes of Asia and Slovakia. No, I am Anglo-Saxon from the highlands of Scotland. I descend directly from Isaac and Jacob. My last name is Crandall, from the Valley of the Cranes in Scotland. Everything in God is all tied together. At the end of the next 3.5 years, the Ashkenazi will be no more. They will be totally gone off the face of the earth. That is going to leave a huge hole for the true Hebrew to claim. And join with the West Bank farmers, the Palestinians, who have farmed that land for thousands of years. And you shall be ONE People. The only reason they converted to Islam was a financial one. When the Muslims came in the 5th Century AD, they initiated a land tax if you did not convert to Islam. The farmers who were poor were faced with losing their land, so they converted. But they have never been true believers in Islam. Look up, oh people. For your redemption draws nigh!!!

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