Perfect Faith:

The Lord will keep in peace, him whose mind is set upon thee. The question remains…Will we trust the Lord or not. MY wife just had a heart attack. The paramedics had to shock her heart to get in going again. They will not allow me to see her in the hospital because of Covid. But I have a serene peace. It defies logic. I prayed for her before the paramedics arrived and I trust God enough to trust him with my wife. Even if he took her from me, I still would trust him. In the natural I could not even conceive of such a thing because we are extremely close and have been for 38 years. But I love and trust God even more than my wife and his will is sovereign. I know that if she was absent from the body, she would be present with the Lord so there is absolutely nothing to fear. WE find ourselves every day in horrible circumstances. It might seem like God hates us to allow such suffering. But he loves us so much that he allows temptation to come into our life, so that both he and you can see if you really have faith. Because without faith it is impossible to please God. I have watched over the last couple of months as man after man has turned on me and called me a false Prophet and a Liar. But my hope is in my God. Not in whether you like me or not. I know that I have done the best that a man could do, and my heart has been pure before him. Things were just ripped out of my hands for a higher purpose. Only God can make those kind of decisions and he has always blessed me with his presence. I stand as a man of faith, and I will not waiver no matter what!!! So, I have been instilling in my wife to study the word and to pray. I hope enough of it sank in for her to trust him now for her very life. Because I see this as a test from him. She will either rise up out of herself and trust him once and for all, or she will perish. Either way she does not lose, but for her to fulfill her destiny to walk at my side and be your true Queen, she must pass through this crucible of fire. Herein is the greatest tragedy of the church today. They teach this false doctrine called Rapture. Because of this lie, they will not prepare and make ready to pass through the crucible of fire. Instead, they think they will leave all their problems behind and fly off into the sky. He never promised us an escape. All he ever promised was that he would be with us in the fire so that we could overcome all things. If you believe the Rapture Doctrine it has stunted your growth and made you vulnerable, but if you also teach this lie, then you are making bigger converts of hell than you are and you will certainly bear your guilt. God is not mocked. As a man sows, so shall he also reap. You sow to confusion and falsehoods, and you shall reap the same. But if you sow to diligent study, prayer, fasting and the like then we will remain strong no matter what. I have watched these orphanage operators absolutely freak out these last few months. They did nothing to prepare and now cannot bear the results. Well, you sowed to laziness and arrogance and now you are reaping what you sowed. And they blame me thinking I am the problem. But I did not cause this debacle, and neither am I the one to fix it. This is between you and your God. Whomever or whatever that may be!!! I know my God and I do exploits. I work miracles and signs and wonders because I have been tempered in the fires of affliction and I did not shirk my duty to know him and his resurrection power working in me. And you are so lazy you want me to give you what I worked hard for, and you use manipulations to try and guilt shame me. You send me all these pictures of these helpless children and place the blame on me. When it was you who did NOTHING for 19 months of Covid to prepare for what you knew your government would do because of Covid. I did not bring this disease and I did not become responsible for your sloth. How dare you blame me. What kind of arrogant fool are you??? I am angry with you oh Judah. God has given me an almost impossible task to turn you around and make you men of faith. It is lucky for you that I serve the God of the impossible. Who can take you right where you are and transform you into his likeness. IF…You will let him, do it. If not, if you resist, you will now be cut-off forever more and burned in unquenchable fire forever. Play time is over. Stop throwing blame and take responsibility for your own actions. Stop trying to manipulate people to get what you want. God has never been for you when you do that because that is witchcraft and control and the reason why he destroyed man in the flood. You think in your own mind that you have been serving God. But that is a lie and self-deception. It is sin and grievous sin at that. You do not know God and he does not know you. You have never learned to stand on your own two feet. Your only grace is that You have been without a shepherd for so long that you do not know how to act. But now if you do not submit to my leadership, your arrogance will destroy you for good. Humble yourselves before God to me as his son. In the same stature and fullness of Christ himself. He directs my paths. My steps ARE ordered by him, and I lead with compassion and humility. I will instill in you that good thing if you will humble yourself now. Repent of your wicked ways and seek the lord now while he still can be found.

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