Until the day of Pentecost was fully come, the disciples had no real power. They did not have the power necessary to set the world on fire. I see this is NOT an automatic thing. neither does my own personal experience back up that notion. In fact instructions were given by Paul to the Church on how to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. In fact I believe that you are not even saved until you do. Because that is the seal of the promise of eternal life. Before then, God has not breathed that breath of life into you to make you an immortal being or living being. No longer as an animal of the field, but a child of God. The wages of sin IS death. Not will be death, but is right now, death. So, if you are living in sin of any kind, you are already dead and just like the animals of the field. So, what is it that makes us alive?? The breath of God, or the seed of his very nature which is the Spirit, his DNA if you will. When we ask for and receive the Holy Ghost that is when he seals us as his own. Before that you can be a believer and fall away, but once you have been sealed then your salvation is assured. Because the Blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin and we are made alive in his Spirit. Like I said before, belief is not enough because even the demons believe!! This has always been kind of a OSAS concept, but not really. IT depends upon if you have truly received the Holy Ghost or not. I can guarantee you that people who do not believe in the infilling of the Holy Ghost have ever been saved. regardless of their belief. How can you be without the seal of the promise?? But here's kind of the kicker... What does being filled with the Holy Ghost look like?? The sign of his presence is speaking in tongues. If you do not speak in tongues then you do not have the Holy Ghost. Now the scriptures also talk about anyone who takes ahold of the plow and then turns again to not be worthy any longer. But that is not about salvation but our reward from Yeshua. You can forfeit any reward and still receive eternal life. At least that's the way I see it. There is a whole segment of "Christianity" that does not believe any of this. That's fine as we all can believe whatever we choose to believe. But believing something does not make it so. God's word is the ultimate end of all arguments pertaining to this life. I have been seeking him and studying his word for over 36 years. Always seeking the truth wherever it may be found. If you do not believe in the Holy Ghost, then you don't need to repent, you just need to ask him to come and inhabit you right now. This is a step in our development that is just as necessary as belief. Many times this is effected by the laying on of hands by the Elders. In my case it did not happen that way, because in its basic form and not some formula it still boils down to a relationship. A personal relationship. And just as all personal relationships are different so will our experience with the Holy Ghost be. He came to me and wooed me out of darkness and into his glorious light. He gave me a taste of his goodness and his presence and like a love-struck puppy I fell in line forever. I immediately started speaking in tongues. But I say again everyone has a different experience but when it happens you know!! You know you have been changed forever. Its not just obeying some preacher to come up and say some sinners prayer because you can renege on that. But when you have been transformed out of the kingdom of darkness you know it with every fiber of your being. I do not call myself a Christian. I am a Son of the Most High God. He is my Father and he chastises me because he loves me and is building me towards the day when I can become a full legal adult in his Kingdom. A mature Son of God. If you want to see what that looks like, then just look at Jesus. He was the first born among many brethren. He set the pattern for us to follow. That is not blasphemy... That is THE plan of almighty God. The whole reason why he created us. The infilling of the Holy Ghost is not the end of our faith. Only the beginning. because the purpose of that is to become mature one day.

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