One More Thing...

The other thing that I forgot to mention is Joe Biden's calculated plan to make our military weak and unable to fight with the best and the brightest men and women. All they care about is identity politics which cares nothing for ability. Back in the day I worked as a letter carrier at the US Post Office. I worked under supervisors who had little to no experience at being a manager except the color of their skin. One in particular made my life as horrible as it could possibly be. He had no clue how to manage anyone. He just wanted to get back at these white people who had oppressed him all his life. This is what we are going to get in our military now under Biden. To say the least this all ties back into how he is preparing for the CCP Chinese invasion of the US mainland. Do not be deceived this is what he is working for and he will allow them to do it because they own him. Weaken our economy, weaken our fuel reserves, weaken our ability to respond, preposition CCP troops on both of our borders. Meddle with our weather patterns and open borders so they can send in operatives to wreck havoc on our power grids and broadband infrastructure. Remove and restrict our guns so we cannot fight back, Reduce our ability to respond. The CCP is not stupid and they will attack very soon. Right after they take Taiwan. I am not a dooms sayer. I am merely repeating what God has spoken and shown to me. We are in MORTAL danger in this country if we do not respond immediately and the first thing is to get rid of the Biden administration and Obama who is pulling his strings.

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