My Plans for Africa:

Yes, but also no. No one really understands what I am planning. I have been speaking it for months on FB, but it is so outlandish that people just cannot see it. Judah is a separate nation unto itself. You haven't had a leader since Hezekiah was King in Judah. Christ came to make a better way, but God never forgot his people, Israel. And he NEVER divorced you. When he told your ancestors that he would give them the promise land for their inheritance forever, that is exactly what he meant. Now, the first dispersion was to Babylon and lasted for 70 years. Then Ezra and Nehemiah rebuilt the Temple and the wall around Jerusalem, which Herod greatly increased during his reign while Yeshua walked the earth. But your ancestors killed Yeshua and had the Romans crucify him on a cross. And from the time that Yeshua ascended until the Romans destroyed Jerusalem was one generation or 40 years. Fulfilling Yeshua's prophecy in Matthew 24, that all these things would be fulfilled within your generation.

The Priests and the Royal Tribe of Judah of which Yeshua came from, fled into Africa where she remains today. But you have forgotten who you are, because it has now been 2,000 years during this the second dispersion. The bulk of Judah has ended up in Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana, which smatterings in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, and a few other smaller countries. So, what I am going to do is to establish my throne in Lagos. Lagos is a city of 20 million people. I am going to take over the entire city as a city of righteousness and it shall be called "New Jerusalem." Next, I will take over all of Nigeria. Then Benin, Togo and Ghana. All four of these countries will be known around the world as the Kingdom of Judah of which I am King by the selection and anointing of Elohim. I will call all the righteous unto Lagos, then Nigeria and then the other countries. I will drive out all the wicked to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

From here I will find all the remainder of the 12,000 Sons of God. 1/12th of the 144,000. They shall help me rule all of Africa in the years to come. And on into the Millennium for the next 1,000 years. All 12,000 shall receive our Glorified and immortal bodies before that happens in 2024. Right before the end of 2024, I will return the remnant of Judah back to Jerusalem, where I will become King of all Israel (The entire earth) and shall rule for 1,000 years from that city. At the end of the 1,000 years, Yeshua will physically return to earth with all the departed Saints, all the Angels and the Father with him, to dwell and live among us forever. At Yeshua's return, me and all the 144,000 will take the crowns off our heads and lay them at his feet and bow before him. Then I will return to Lagos to rule there forever over all of Africa.

God spoke to me 10 years ago while I was taking out the garbage and a voice from Heaven spoke all these things to me. It took me three years before I could even begin to believe it. But now, here we are. I have already ascended to become the First Born of the 144,000 and the Captain of the Host. I am one of the seven Angels of Revelation. (The First) I received the fullness of my inheritance, the full 100% measure of the Holy Spirit on June 1st, five months ago. I then was tempted and fasted in the wilderness for 40 days and nights. Satan came three times and tempted me, and I used the same scriptures that Yeshua did before me. See, I follow his example exactly as written. It is no mystery what we shall become know what to look for. Then I was caught up into Heaven for 3 months. I was ascending and descending as a Son of God upon Jacob's Ladder.

Hashem (the intimate name of YHWH) gave me very specific instructions on what to do. He is the one who told me to go to Lagos. I wanted to go to Accra. I argued with him for about 20 minutes because everything I had ever heard about Nigeria was bad. But he insisted. Later I found out that most of Judah already lived there and that was why that country was chosen for me. The Bible says that ALL of Judah will be saved. That is ultimately why I am gathering Judah together, because this time after you are restored you will never again rebel against him. Very long answer I know but this is the plan.

I am fully aware of your current trials. How you are suffering in lack of resources, food and even clean water to drink. and am working to fill the gap. But I must come there. For me residing in Alaska is the same as Yeshua dwelling in Nazareth. He could do no miracles from there, he had to go down to Capernaum to begin his earthly Ministry. When I get there, I will have power to send food from Heaven and to heal the dirty waters. And am going to establish farming practices which will not only feed all of Africa but the entire world when the worldwide famines start in a few years. It is by this that we will plunder all the resources of the entire world. Read how Joseph plundered the Egyptians and the rest of the world during the famine of his day. God named me Josef for a reason.

Now, as I am waiting for someone or a group of believers to pay for my transport there, I will give you instruction... YOU would think if they knew what I was going to do when I go there, that all the churches would take up collections for me. But they are used to preachers who come to take what they can and then go back home with all their offerings. I am coming to stay and restore you to greatness in the earth. If every church that I have contact with would work together as one it would be done. For some it might be $10, but for others several thousand. God will require this of you to receive your blessing that he is sending through me. Now for the instructions: Get on your face before Yeshua. Pray in the Holy Ghost. Call a solemn assembly and declare a fast. Seek the Lord with all your might. The entire church. (Adonai) "Make your requests known unto God and the God of all satisfaction will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Yeshua."

When he honors you, send me the offering. Do it with a joyful heart and do more than you could imagine and God himself will send you help and will heal your land. If we do not begin to live as one, we shall perish. The days are more evil than ever before. The Antichrist is active and is seeking to destroy all life but about 1 Billion and all the Elites. The Church will be the first to go. Into Prison and die by his hand. Barak Obama is the Antichrist, but he is hiding behind Biden. He HATES all Christians, and he HATES America. He should have never left Kenya where he was born and raised in a house of Prostitution. He became a Homosexual and a radical follower of Islam. But he learned how to hide who he is. Anyway, do what I say, and you shall do well.

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