My Marriage:

I have been married to the same woman for 38 years. Our first year was pretty rough because it was before I got saved. But once God got ahold of me I changed little by little. That's all he ever asks of us. As the years rolled by, at times I couldn't stand the sight of my wife and at others I would work too hard and ignore her. I wasn't trying to be mean, its just how life goes. She felt disaffected and strangled with the children at times. But we kept seeking Jesus and by faith we persevered. Then we lost our youngest son and then our daughter and grief took over. I didn't understand at all but I decided to trust the Lord no matter what. We made a pact with each other that we would stay together and wouldn't blame each other. It took years to come back to life after that. Then the rest of the kids were gone and we were left with each other. Two people who really hadn't connected on any Spiritual level in over 25 years. But we were faithful to each other and to God. After a while I was so tired of it all that I walked out one day and told my wife I had had enough. There wasn't anyone else, I was just so tired of the game. She came to me the next day at the hotel and she told me she was sorry and that she would do better. I hadn't even asked her to. So, I went home and we made a new pact with each other, that we were going to find that place where we could both feel valued and satisfied. Between then and now something really miraculous happened. We found ourselves in each other. Because we wanted Christ in our marriage. We found a level of intimacy that people always strive for but can never seem to find. It hasn't been perfect by any measure, but it has been real and today I am happier than I have ever been. I still see things that need to be better, but now instead of complaining, I am building in my wife the greatness that I want and need in her. It is my responsibility to minister to her until she gets it for herself. As the Priest and the Lord of my home I take my responsibility very seriously. I am literally making her into my vision of heaven on earth and she is doing the same with me. Submit one to another in the fear of the Lord and your life shall be full!!!

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