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Updated: Jun 5

Aliens are a demonic manifestation. The reason that I know that is because the devil and his angels (demons) live and move in the 2nd heaven. The 2nd heaven lies between the 1st heaven (Earth) and the 3rd heaven, where God dwells. This where the Devil is the Prince and has the power of the air, which is the atmosphere around us that we breathe. That is the Devil's seat of power and his domain. Anything that manifests in the air besides airplanes and blimps and Low earth satellites are demonic manifestations. Period. And the earth is flat and there is no outer space, planets, no Mars, no Jupiter, or the Universe. The stars are constellations that shine against the firmament. The souls of all the saints that have died before us. Being held for their eventual return to earth at Christ's return, for the longest time I could not figure out about satellites because, how would they work in a flat earth. Yet we see Google maps and real-time satellite images around the world. That would be hard to fake. But they are not as high as they tell us. They have been lying for decades. The firmament only extends up about 100 miles above the flat earth. All satellites are in low earth orbit. The reason that all launches happens around the equator is because that is the highest altitude of the firmament. It is like a dome over a flat earth. The sun is fixed, and it is the Son of God that provides light to the earth. Once he returns to earth physically in 1,000 years, he will not be in "heaven" anymore he will be shining on earth. That is why there will not be any need for the sun to shine because he himself will be here and a flat earth spins around like a Frisbee which makes the sun shine around the disk making the light and the dark move from pace to place. When the saints come back to earth, the earth will stop spinning and there will only be daylight 24 hours a day for eternity. So, no more stars in the sky. The moon reflects the sun that only shines at night. Once the Son is on earth again, the moon will not come out anymore. No astronauts have ever left the bonds of earth. But the first Mercury astronauts touched the height of the firmament and that is how they found out it was there and that specific spot existed.. it is getting quite crowded around that point in the heavens.. there are no asteroids trying to crash down upon our heads, just like there are no nuclear weapons.. these myths were only created to put fear in the heart's of men and as a tool of control by the Devil. Just like how he has used Covid to scare us all to death. Never really was a threat. They engineered it in the lab to kill of those that were weak or aged, but not really to the rest of us. They were very careful about how they designed this virus. Then blew it all out of proportion with lies and downright fear to control us and then get us to take their Luciferian "Vaccine" weapon of mass destruction and enslavement of mankind. There is no gravity, we are kept in place by the force and will of God himself. We never went to the moon, we have never been to asteroids, will never go to Mars or any other planet because they do not exist. No Hubble, all whoppers of lies from the Devil to you.. Anything blasted into "Space can only go as high as the Firmament goes. NASA has been selling us a false narrative of our existence, trying to glorify science instead of God. Elon Musk's Low Earth Orbit, (LEO) satellites work because it is inside of the firmament in the sky. There is a point at the very peak of our atmosphere where the force pushing downwards is almost nill and because of that a satellite can hang stationary for a time.. but eventually,, it will fall back to the ground.. this is common knowledge to people who are "in the "know." Elon Musk knows this but he has also been lying to us just like NASA has for decades. The lengths they have gone to to glorify science over God is mind shattering. The reason Elon keeps sending more of his satellites to this stationary place in the firmament is because he is building capacity. Not so he can build coverage. Because the satellites are at a fixed point above a flat earth, their location gives them coverage of the whole earth. One alone, would do that. But because I have spent the last 30 years of my life in the telecommunications Industry. I know how it all works.. satellites have transponders.. each one of these is a bi-directional "channel" for a data stream to ride. Each user needs their own dedicated transponders. So more satellites mean more users. They are building capacity, not coverage. This system was needed to develop and was necessary so that we followers of Christ could use that network to get around the 5G network. The 5G was built by the Devil for his purposes to enslave all mankind. But God's plan and purpose is to use it for freedom for his people. The "Vaccine" is a Nano-bot technology thing that binds with human DNA to make a hybrid human. Which is what happened in the days of Noah when the Angels came to earth and slept with human woman and produced offspring. God had to destroy his creation because of it. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man." They are trying to do it again!!! The bots in the vaccine bond with human DNA by using mRNA from aborted fetal tissue. 5G is the communication protocol for the IoT, which is the communication protocols between this hybrid human and the AI Quantum Computer that is the representation of the Devil himself ruling over the world. At least that is his plan. So, to get free from their plans we will need Elon's satellite network, Skylink. The quantum computers which are designed to enslave man will be used to free all mankind from all oppression. For all the plans of Satan, God has a better plan. All of this is absolutely real and coming to earth as we speak. It has been slow so people would not become suspicious, but we are just about to the end, About three years now. After that we enter 1,000 years of peace but first, we must go through this great judgment in the earth and the destruction of everything evil. Welcome to the Great Tribulation and Aliens are part of the evil things. All these mysteries have been revealed to me. I cannot even believe it all myself. I danced around all this stuff for the last two years. I just did not know what to think at times, but I could not deny certain things that were happening around me and the rantings of certain individuals. And their stories started to make sense when I started looking at the big picture. But now, that Jesus has returned inside of me, he has revealed all this stuff and that is exactly what the Bible says. He is now ready to be revealed with all his Holy Angels at his coming. He has come, but he came into me. Not the world, or the sky. The Bible says that he would split the eastern sky and every eye would behold him at the same time. Also, that he would come as a thief in the night. In a manner that no one would be expecting, just like the first time. But none of these sayings are literal. They are Jewish Metamora. To "Split the Eastern sky" is to come in the light of a new day, or sunrise. That happens in the East. That "every eye would behold him" means that it would have to be a "Corlorate" coming from his great "cloud of witnesses". How else could everyone see him at the same time. If he appeared in Alaska, no one in NYC would be able to see him. And I already explained about the thief. Christ in me is the hope of glory!!! How else would I know and understand all these mysteries??? Everything always repeats including the return of Jesus. If you want to see his coming, then look exactly at how he came the first time. In a manner that no one knew about, and they did not recognize him. Same now.

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