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Covid is a massive lie and act of treason against mankind. There does exist a manmade virus named Covid-19. It was created by Dr. Fauci and Chinese scientists and released publically by the CCP in collusion with Nancy Peolosi and the DNC. They have caused the greatest reign of terror and murder in human history. But Covid does not kill humans. Unless you have an underlying existing condition. It was designed in the lab to be exactly as it is. Its release was for the purpose in induce people to willingly take a mind control substance that they named a "Vaccine" for Covid. But the substance was not created in reponse to Covid as we have beent told, it was created as early as 2015. Its stated purpose from Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and Jeffery Epstein was to control the minds of men and womaen to facilitate comlete control over every aspect of their lives. People would never take such a substance willingly, so Covid was engineered to provide an excuse. Along with selected information that was deceptive and the assistance of media, they concvinced the public that we "NEEDED" this fake "Vaccine, or we would all die. That is the "LIE" of Covid-19. If you believe this is a conspiracy theory then you are not paying attention. Do not believe the lies of Government and the Media. They are NOT your friends. Neither is Big Business, Big Pharma, or any Social Media Company in existence today. They are ALL lying to you. However, after extensive trials by Dr. Fauci, they discovered that the mind control substance would not produce the desired results. Instead it killed 100% of recipients within three years of injection. This changed the sceario and a new plan was drawn up. Now, the goal was to kill most humans on earth and leave only the Elite Billioniares in power, with 1 billion chinese citizens to serve them and their needs. Jeffery Epstein, whose participation inthe project was his desire to create a supperior human sopecies, rejected the new plan as inhumane. He was then taken out of the Public view and emasculated. Gates had the most money invested and the most power and held long beliefs that the world was overpopulated. At first, they tried telling us to get "Vaccinated" for our own safety and the safety of others. When that lost steam, they started to shame people who refused injection. Now, they are forcing people to take their substance, or lose the ability to carry out life's functions. Next Joe Biden will mandate the Covid fake "Vaccine" and people will not be able to buy or sell unless they have received it validating Bible Prohesy and executing the "Mark of the Beast" from the book of Revelation. The tribulation is 1/2 over and Joe Biden IS the Antichrist. But those who know their God shall do exploits in this day. Provisions have been made for the righteous to prevail in this day. So, be aware and know what the truth is and act accordingly. You have been warned!!!

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