Matthew 24

Matthew 24 is Yeshua telling his disciples when will be the end of the age. Now many have taken that to mean that he was referring to our day but he was not. What he was telling them about was the end of the age of the law and the prophets which occurred in 70 AD at the destruction of Jerusalem. Titus of Rome marched on the zealots of the Jews and brought siege against the city. Once they broke through, the whole city was burned to the ground and up to one million inhabitants were brutally slaughtered as the city was overflowing due to all the people who came from around Judea for the Passover. Now to prove that he was talking about then and not now was when he said directly to his disciples that ALL of these things would transpire before this generation has passed away. That is pretty clear and specific denoting the time that he is referring to. He was standing before his disciples and talking directly to them when he said that. There is not now, nor ever will be a rapture!!! How do I know that?? Well, it is very simple. Because the plan of God in creation has not varied from the beginning and that was NEVER God's plan. Let me ask you this... Why were we created? Did God just wake up one day and out of the blue decided to start this grand experiment called life?? I don't think so. because our God is a God of purpose. He does not do anything without a very good reason or without a plan on how to do it. I believe that deep within his self he felt the need to procreate. And out of that desire came a plan to create people out of nothing and give them a way to become just like him as his children. Only he chose to do it using a thing called faith, instead of a bloodline. The Law was merely a shadow of the reality that was to be found in Christ. This was designed from the very beginning!! One time many years ago, during the middle of the night I was taken by my angel back in time to that point. I saw the Most High and heard him speak the words of creation over man. "let us make man in our image and after our likeness let us create him." Why I was so privileged I have no idea and I did not imagine it. It actually happened. The thing that was bizarre about the whole experience was that he was not alone in heaven. There were other beings around him. Ones that were a lot older than him and nothing like this had ever been done before in all the eons of time. They didn't like it either. But one God cannot tell another one what to do so they could not stop him. Why do you think that in the 10 commandments, number one says "Thou shalt have no Gods before me"?? Because there are lots of them. But our God created us and put his seal of ownership upon us. In the garden when God blew into Adam's nostrils and Adam became a living being, but man sinned. So there was a shadow administration for thousands of years until Christ came, died and resurrected to prepare the WAY for us to follow. And 10 days after he ascended, he came back to earth in the form of the Holy Ghost and God once again breathed into his creation (man) and we became living beings again. This was the fulfillment of God's plan. To have children who were not only in his image as all men are, but also in his likeness. That means to be in personality just like someone. To think as they do and to act as they do. But it had not yet been revealed exactly what that would look like so he left us to grow up. To go from mere babes to being mature men of God who are full legal adults able to administer his Kingdom here on the earth. This process has taken 2,000 years. He is now ready to be revealed for all the world to see in his Saints. That seed of God's very DNA was planted into the dirt of the field (US) and hidden from view. Just as Christ ascended up out of their sight into the clouds. (Clouds of great witnesses) But ready to be revealed with all his Holy Angels in attendance with him in this the last day of creation. The 7th day and it will last 1,000 years. We call this the Millennial Reign of Christ on the earth. It has nothing to do with a "Great Tribulation, or an anti-Christ, or punishment. Those are all man-made concepts where men have taken scriptures out of context and tried to use them to say something that they do not!!! All of Daniel, Ezekiel, Isiah, or any other Old Testament book of the Bible had absolutely nothing to do with us or the modern age. It was fulfilled completely during their time. They spoke of their people, which were the natural Jews. Everything they prophesied happened BEFORE Christ came to earth. So, to say that the 69 weeks of Daniel happened and then it waited thousands of years for the 70th week is absolutely ridiculous and shame on the purported leaders who teach that!! ALL of those things came and went long before Christ. People have been led by their own spirits and not by the Holy Spirit to come up with these doctrines. You want to see our day then read revelation because it is the only book that talks about our day. Most of Revelation has already transpired as it has been happening for 2,000 years now. People did not understand all the pictures used to signify events so once again they filled in the blanks with their own understanding. We are now living in the Kingdom age. Where Christ will reign from the seat of his authority which is his church. We shall be his Kings and Priest for the rest of eternity and rule over all mankind with Yeshua and his Spirit in our hearts as mature men. Tried in the fires of affliction and proven on the battleground of life and called overcomers forever. To rule with Christ in his throne, which seat is us. When John wrote the first chapter of Revelation, he did something peculiar, he did not say that he saw Jesus. John was the disciple whom Jesus loved and had reclined at his breast during the last supper. They had an intimate relationship. If John had seen him he would have said so. But instead he says, "I saw one like unto the Son of man." What he literally saw was the Kingdom age of Christ being seen as a corporate man combined of this great cloud of witnesses. The overcomers who became mature and because of this now are in a position to take his authority and rule the earth. He himself already came back 10 days after he ascended at the day of Pentecost. Where he has never left in the last 2,000 years. You see, we were never destined to go live in heaven. That was never his plan. The only ones we ever see in heaven are the martyrs and all of them are being kept beneath the alter of God until they return back here to earth. When the disciples asked Jesus to instruct them how to pray, another wards what is the most important thing, he said "Pray thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. On earth as it is in heaven." Stating very clearly that heaven was to come to earth and not that we would go to heaven. There are rules in heaven that we would not like. It is a foreign place that was not created for man. IT has been doing just fine forever without us. Believe me I have been there at least twice in my life for a brief time. We are supposed to redeem the earth. Not leave it to the devil and his followers. That is the plan. Always has been and always will be. Our God cannot lie and he never changes. Matter of fact I believe that another motive was so that he could come back to this earth and live with us forever instead of heaven. heaven does not even belong to him but the earth is all his own. He created it!!! It has taken me 38 years to come to this level of understanding. And I realize that most of you will not be able to receive the word that I bring. I cannot help that. That is not my fault but your own closed mind. To the rest. Seek this truth for yourself. Ask God if any of it is true. He will answer our questions if we know what to ask. I am Robert (Mishael) and I am the watchman on the wall calling all saints to turn back to the Holy one of Israel.

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