Love Your Neighbor as Yourself:

We live in a time where nothing is as it seems. Up is down and down is up, left is right and right is left. And the False Prophet (MSM & TV) are feeding us all a constant diet of Antichrist agenda. The Antchrist Beast rules in Washington as Obama/Biden breaks every norm and cancels our Constitution and our way of life daily. They really do not like that "One nation Under God" business. So, they have set out to destroy it all. Abraham Licoln was probably the last righteous leader we had in this country. Some have been better than others, but Nancy Regan consulted psychics and then counseled her husband and Trump is pushing the fake Vaccine. And we are all living in this "Matrix" type of reality that is not even real. We only believe what we are told and the Antichrist Cabal are the ones who are feeding us that reality. It defies God. It denies God. It exalts a fake "Science" that is not real either. You cannot trust anything told to us today. The ONLY truth is God's word. He is the only one who will not lead you astray. His word is a sure foundation upon which to build a life on this earth. I pray that you stop believing all the lies. Dig into scripture. Pray to God and fast for his perfect will to be done. And most of all, learn to control your own mind and your own emotions. Bring your physical body into subjection to the word of God. Because if you will do that, you will be able to deliver many in this hour, and help your brethren to find help themselves. Be peacemakers and love each other with an undying love that is never contingent upon anything. And let the peace of God rule in your hearts in Christ Yeshua, Amen.

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