How is not thy condemnation upon you?? For you have rejected me to a man. When I would that I should gather you together, you would have no part of it. Because you "Christians" are a stiff necked and rebellious people. You claim that you love me and you do diligently search the scriptures and think in them that you have eternal life. But Those same scriptures speak of me and you have rejected me to a man. Therefore I will cast you out, that you may be judged in my presence. YOU played the harlot and dangled your love before me, but you no more want me than anything. You do serve your own self. You are ruled by the god of your belly. You seek vain Glory and you call it me. But I am not like you. My ways are above comprehension. So, because you have played the harlot you shall fall and rise no more. I am the Lord, I change not, therefore ye sons of Aaron are not consumed. If there be any among you who do follow the way, let him send offering immediately for it is with your money I shall l judge you says Yeshua.

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