Is it God or Money??

I'm going to tell you a little secret that most people do not know. It is about the law of sowing and reaping. Unless a seed is sowed into the ground it abides alone. But in its death it brings forth much fruit after its own kind. However and whatever you sow back into humanity is a measure of what you yourself will receive. Now I know this might look like I am trying to scam you out something that is valuable but this is NOT the case. How and where you sow seed is totally up to you. God will provide my needs regardless. But I ask you, why not you get the benefit because it will be great and it will be relatively immediate. A man went sowing seed into a field. Some of it did not fall upon good ground and was choked out before it could sprout and grow. BUT... where that seed fell upon good ground, it sprouted and grew. First the blade, then the stock and then the ear of Corn. This seed brought back many many times more seed to the sower. It is a physical law just like gravity. So, why then do Christians struggle with debt and fear. It is because they dwell in ignorance and their teachers do not train them properly. Because of this they are destitute and without sustenance. But if you will just believe that what I am saying is true and then act upon it then you will be rewarded many time over. And the Bible calls it a blessing which cannot be contained. Or, you can choose to think me a crackpot, who is trying to manipulate you. You alone are the only one who can make that choice.

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