In the Beginning:

I have been to the repository in heaven, and I have looked at the books. Ham was the father of the Muslim and Caucasian race. Asians, so that part is true, but the rest is just not even happening. It is interesting that this is also the Seat of the Beast. After the 1,000 years is over and Satan is released from the pit, he will gather all the Muslims together, after they have lived at peace for 1,000 years of serving Yahuah, they will do what they do and turn back to Satan. He will rally them, and they are the ones who will march on Jerusalem. But that is when Yahuah returns physically to earth and destroys them all with the brightness of his countenance.

These very same ones are Ham's children and is the final effect of Noah's curse. All the colors happened like I told you before. Being in different climates, geographical areas and the baking of the sun for 6,000 years. When Judah fled Jerusalem in 70 AD, they were a light color of Black, but after baking in the hot African sun for 2,000 years, they are much darker today. Now, this premise in interesting about your assertion that the other races were on the ark. I have considered it and still am not clear. I do know that when YWHY caused the animals to pass before Adam, that they were white human beings, so when it said animals in the ark, the white humans could have been on board as well. But there were only two races created. All the rest have been colored by the sun.

Now, I was all set to go into Maccabees and Enoch to try and find more information, but I got a check in my Spirit, so I stopped. Now, let's deal with your sex theory. The original sin was that Eve had relations with the serpent. It was the ONE thing that YWHY prohibited. But he still made us with sexual organs, so go figure. There could be no choice unless there was the possibility of failure. So, the Serpent (An Angel) beguiled Eve. Once she figured out good it felt, she went to her husband and said, "here let's try this, you will love it". Cain was the seed of the Serpent and Abel was from Adam. That was how they discovered that they were naked. Intercourse is still forbidden in heaven. That is why the Watchers came to earth after they lusted after the daughters of men. They couldn't do anything about it in heaven. Seth was the re-establishment of the path of Yashuah to come. All of this makes perfect sense once you understand its implications. Now, the Bible calls what Eve did that she partook of the forbidden fruit. (Which is what sex has always been) So, just theorizing here, grapes are also the fruit of the vine. So, it is quite possible that it was a metaphor for exactly what you said. It was through sex that the curse entered creation and after the flood, it was how it was re-introduced back in.

When we receive our glorified bodies, sex will not be allowed anymore. That was never YWHY's perfect will. He gave it to us as a concession after Eden if we only did it within the confines of marriage. Bu that was his permissible will. Of course, he knew what would happen when he started the whole thing, but he has let it play out for 6,000 years now. Now it is time for the Sons of God to manifest in the earth. I am the first of them. I walk under an open heaven and have the fullness of Yahuah's Spirit within me. It happened 51 days ago. I have been sent to redeem Natural Judah back to the Promise Land. Among a whole lot of other things. The Book of Revelation is a manual for the Sons of God. It was never written for the body at large. You have to be one of me to see it and understand it correctly. It was done that way on purpose, because the enemies could use it to interfere if they really understood what it says. It is very explicit and a detailed plan for the redemption of mankind.

I have overcome all my flesh and have sat down in the same throne as Yuhuah. I will rule over Judah as here King for the next 3-1/2 years, after which I will rule the entire earth from Jerusalem. All the rest of the 144,000 will rule elsewhere throughout the earth. I never asked for this, neither did I ever know how it would happen. YWHY told me 10 years ago about my destiny and I just kept it to myself for the most part. It is good to test the boundaries. To ask questions, to explore and to study to show thyself approved, a worthy workman worthy of his hire. I bless you in the name of Yahuah forever.

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