His Coming Assured:

"Eyes have never seen, nor has it entered into the heart of man, the things which I have reserved for those who come unto me." You have never seen, understood or walked where I now walk. You may have heard about it and I preached about it for 36 years.

I now declare, "I am he". Listen and learn and you shall be made perfect. And I realize fully well, that in me dwelleth no good thing, but "Christ in me, IS the hope of Glory". This is a great mystery of that which I speak. Withheld by the Angel unto John, when he told him, not to write what he had just seen and heard. This is the Revelation of the "Seven Thunders".

Which were not lawful to be uttered in days gone by, but now it is lawful in these last days. Paul saw this day while he was in the 3rd heaven, and was told that it was not lawful to utter. But it impacted him so much, that he danced all around it for quite some time. I declare to you that this is the truth, whose time has fully come at his appearing.

He has come as a thief in the night, so no one would interfere with his plans. He came into me, in his fullness 16 days ago. We received a measure of the Holy Ghost when we were baptized in his name and received the gift, but now he has given the fullness of his Spirit.

Everyone has expected him to split the eastern sky. But that was a metaphor, not a physical thing. To "Split the Eastern Sky", means he comes in the brightness of a new day, which is today, the day of the Lord. The sun rises in the east.

His army that is with him are the saints of the Most High coming in a "Great Cloud of Witnesses". And his Angels, or Messengers, are the "Sons of God" of which I am the leader and Captain.

I am the first, but I will not be the last, as I must find, identify, teach and train and then release the rest of the 144,000 company, of the "Sons of God". Paul also wrote about our coming in Romans, chapter 8.

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