Here We Go Again:

I you believe in what your Pastor has been teaching you then you need to read this… please open your eyes and look around. Can't you discern the days in which we live? WE have been in tribulation since they started going after Trump in 2018. We are more than 1/2 way though now. Obama hiding behind Biden is the antichrist along with Pope Francis and Rothchild. There are three spirits like frogs which proceed out of the mouth of the beast, and they are those three spirits. It's not one man, it is a cabal. You need to study your Bible more and then you can see the truth. No rapture sorry. There are 36 scriptures which speak about "Rise" and resurrection. And they all are talking about someone being raised from the dead. Paul never taught rapture. It covers the entire New Testament. If you read 1 Thessalonians chapter 4:13-18 in the light of being raised from the dead, it makes more sense than rapture. And its ONLT ONE scripture against 36. It's not real. Your leaders have all been deceived.

And as far as his coming. Just like he came in a way that no one expected he is doing it again. He came like a thief in the night. He is now inside of his chosen, the 144,000, by his Spirit. Now, he is ready to be revealed. I have seen it. He is inside of me in his fullness. He is going to reveal his glory through those of us that have totally surrendered all to him and have overcome our fleshly desires. I have never focused upon his glory in 36 years of ministry. But now that is all I see. He will come out of us like a cloud of Glory and everyone just has to reach out and touch the cloud and they will be healed and set free. Any bondage removed; every need met. This is how he will reveal himself. He is here, but you can't see him yet, but you will see him in 144,000 of us. A Corporate body of Christ. That is the only way that everyone on earth can see him. He is just about to do this.

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