Heaven or Hell?

Hell is a construct that will perish in the Lake of Fire. That is the second death. It is reserved for the Devil and his Angels, those who willingly worship the beast and those who take his mark. Man is not born with an eternal spirit, unless he is formed by the hand of God and the breath of life is breathed into his nostrils, man has no soul. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is a promise or, a guarantee of that happening at maturity. Without the Holy Spirit man has no soul and is as the animals of the field and upon death decay and are no more. There is no such thing as eternal punishment, unless you follow Lucifer as your God, and worship him as God. That was invented to scare congregants to live straight (By the Catholic Church). But those who align themselves with the antichrist are sent to the Lake of Fire. I want you to understand exactly what that is. God is a consuming fire. To be cast into the Lake of Fire, is to return to God himself. Instead of just ceasing to exist like your Aunt who was not a believer, but was a moral and a good woman. She did not go to Hell, like they have always told you. Yehovah is not like that at all. I know him very well. He would never send anyone to eternal torment just because they did not understand his plan of salvation, or had never heard of him. But if you give yourself over to the serpents kingdom, upon death you are cast back into God himself, where you will be aware that you are trapped in his torment forever. To feel him, but not be able to touch him or feel his love or his benefits. Regret is the biggest torment of all. To be kept alive by him, but trapped in a place that one cannot get out of. That is the Lake of Fire. The wicked are cast into his torment, but the righteous receive the fullness of his Spirit inside of them and that is what gives us eternal Life and Peace, forever more. Heaven is not any place for man except as a holding place until he can return to our home, here on this good earth. With the fullness of the Godhead dwelling bodily in us. No matter were we go or what we do to be in his presence forever more. That is heaven.

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