Heaven and Hell:

There is no heaven. At least not as men envision it. Heaven is a very foreign place. I would know I have been there three different times. It is a very strange place and was never created for humans. Paradise is the redeemed holding place for all departed saints, but it is NOT heaven. Heaven comes down to earth. Just like how the New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven to earth. God comes to earth and we live in his presence forever. “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done” and “The Meek shall inherit the earth” and other great scriptures tell us all about it.

There is also no Hell. Except that Hell is a place that we create in our minds for ourselves. Circumstances that we create for ourselves by our rebellion and failure to obey God’s law. The thing about Hell, is that it is not locked, and anyone can walk out of it anytime they want, by coming to Jesus. Hell, and Death are cast into the “Lake of Fire” after the “Great White Throne Judgment.” The “Lake of Fire” is to be in God's presence without any chance at redemption, being tortured by the knowledge that you can never touch or know him. To live in his presence when you are regenerated, by the “Blood of Jesus” is Heaven on earth.

God does not judge anyone. He just made the rules and then we choose how we spend eternity. Leaders have used fear and this imaging of a God who is angry and strikes us down is not truth at all. He loves us dearly. Not wanting that any should perish, but that we all may come to the knowledge of Jesus and be saved. But he is Just, and his law is without recompense. His Righteousness endures forever. He cannot deny himself. Therefore, if we refuse him, we choose a place of torment forever. This is the simple truth of the Gospel.

The other God was created by men to scare other men and misrepresent God every time. They deny his goodness and his Salvation. This is a huge secret. Please trust its content and do not rebel.

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