Faith, It Has Substance:

You know, waiting is one of the hardest things we ever do. The only thing more difficult is that we must endure tribulation. We must let patience have her perfect work in us. To will and to do the will of our father in Heaven. Sometimes, you must look failure right in the eye and deny her and that is not easy. because all natural things will tell you that you will fail. That it cannot be done. But through Christ I can do all things. We must allow the word to have pre-emminence. So, lets put this into the realm of understanding. Lets say I have an orphanage. We need food for the children. I have tried everything I know of to try and get someone to help, but no one either can or will. The children have not eaten in days. What do I do?? Yeshua gave a timely word saying I should go to him for help instead of men. So, I begin to chasten myself and pray for guidance and help. But it seems like nothing happenes. Alll natural things will SCREAM at me to say, "You are wasting your time!! Nothing will ever happen. Your children are going to die!" Herein lies the difference bewteen heros and cowards. The vile and unbelieving will get angry and blame God and the man who did not give money. But the hero will press in and stand in faith believing!! Who do you think the Lord will help?? This is real. As real as it ever gets. Hashem has brought each of us to this place recently. We might not run an orphanage, but it has affected all of us the same. The circumstances are just different. But we were all brought into bondage, so that we could be set free by the power of Hashem. Be a hero today, Saints. The battle is right upstairs in our own minds and if we have faith, the battle belongs to the Lord. He will supply all our needs according to his riches and his glory in Christ Yeshua.

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