Facebook, The Great Evil:

Facebook is a Communistic, controlling orgaization led by a Satanist, Mark Zuckerberg. They are Antichrist!!! And all you people love them so much and pay your money to the Devil and think you are so Godly. It makes me want to puke. I tried to wean you off this perverse addiction to FB and move you to my website instead, but you would have no part of it. You idolize FB and its Satanic dictates. They refuse to let anyone have access to the platform unless you are spouting their Satanic "Woke" garbage doctrines. If you have any sense at all and want to seek truth they wil withstand you at every turn and tel you it is for your safety and everyone's safety on FB. They are liars and control freaks. They only let you post to 25 of your freiends. Even though you might have 5,000 friends, you can only post to the first 25. So then to have access I must send an individual text to everyone, which is incredibly time consuming. So, what do they do?? They block my texts saying I am spamming. They know that information is power and they do not want us having access to thousands of minds to form and shape a belief structure and that includes sharing the Gospel. That is what makes them Antichrist. Mark Zuckerberg and the policy makers at Facebook, "Thy House has been left unto thee Desolate!!!"

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