Ethnic Divisions in Nigeria:

IGBO, or IPOB, it matters not. Hauga-Fulani, Yoruba or Ijaw. You guys remind me of children who squabble at the table over who gets the last piece of meat. Don't you know that you are all Brothers?? You all have the same genetic makeup, color of your skin and traits. But each of you has gone their own way and built ethnic customs that divide, instead of unifying each other. You are all the same lineage. Yet, you threaten violence in order to get your way. Just as the eldest brother threatens his younger sibling. Bound and determined to get their way. Quit squabbling over food and look at what could be accomplished if you worked together as one. Your ethnic divisions deny your heritage and your DNA. You are Judah. YOU are not African. I am going to restore Judah again unto greatness in the earth. redeem you from oppression and restore your fortunes. While you fight over the scraps, I am going to plunder those who plundered you and restore your fortunes again.

For centuries, the Ashkenazi plundered Africa. They stole all your resources and took them to Europe, Asia and to a lesser degree, America. I king Josef, King of Judah, will now return the spoils back to whom it belongs. The God of Israel called me from an early age. He hand trained me for over 36 years. He taught me all the manner of industry and commerce. He taught me his law and his ways. I follow him without compromise. I seek not my own fame, but only the fame of Judah.

Yes, I am an outsider, but YHWH has created in me a clean heart and a love for your peoples that is undeniable. Now I will rebuild the land and construct a life that benefits everyone. Free schools and clinics. Free electricity and secure, reliable and powerful Internet access. Build roads and bridges, affordable housing and public transportation. Build water distribution and sewer systems. Create industry and manufacturing Create both jobs and dignity for all of Judah again. Do all the things that your corrupt leaders were supposed to do all along and that the US funded with foreign aid. Instead, the money ended up in many personal accounts hidden from view.

God is a Holy and a righteous God. He will return justice again and Judah will lead the way. This is the will of YHWH and ALL of Judah must now be saved. Return unto Adonai with all your hearts and allow him to fulfill his will in Nigeria. In case you are wondering, I carry the full weight and authority of the Lord himself. Coupled with his anointing and power and might.

He will not allow you to redeem yourselves. Because you rebelled against him and murdered Mashiach. Outside of Pilot's court, your fathers screamed, "Crucify him. Let his blood be upon our heads and upon our children's heads." Elohim heard their cries and gave them what they asked for. He has remembered your sin for 2,000 years. but now he will forgive you and restore you again.

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