This is Armageddon:

Unfortunately I know exactly what I am talking about. I really wish it wasn't true. This is the final battle described in the Bible called Armageddon. The final battle between good and evil. The left has pulled out all the stops to destroy God's creation. But God has been ready for this and it will be stopped by the coming of the Lord. We are here. It's all done. Almost everything written has now been completed. People do not know this but it is true. You can pretend like I don't know what I am talking about but I will tell you something that will prove I am speaking the truth. Within the next two years the Washington Monument will be destroyed. Not by me but by God himself as a sign to the whole world that he is God. Second is that within two years 50% of the world's population will die. Not because of Covid but because of the fake vaccine. It will kill everyone who takes it. Studies have already shown that 100% of the subjects of tests for a potential vaccine for Covid have ALL died before now. Only for most it doesn't happen right away, it takes time. The liberal elites know this and are counting on it. That is why they must be stopped.

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